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ONUG Spring 2018

ONUG Spring 2018

ONUG is the leading user-driven community of IT business leaders focused on leveraging the power of their engineering and procurement to influence the pace and deployment of open cloud infrastructure solutions.

ONUG brings together innovative IT executives from some of the largest enterprises, as well as government representatives, academics and researchers, and members of the vendor and open source communities to drive the digital transformation and advocate for open infrastructure solutions.

Speakers and session content are driven by our IT end user community to reflect what buyers really need and propel the industry forward in the development of vendor and service provider solutions that directly address these requirements.

ONUG is a year-round community. Engagement between conferences is via Digital ONUG and ONUG Working Groups. Digital ONUG offers community member engagement online via webinars, Slack workspaces and channels, etc.

The ONUG Use Case Working Groups conduct web conferencing sessions and two-day workshops to develop use case requirements important to the ONUG Community. Work done in the working groups creates markets and drives the agenda at ONUG Conferences and in the industry at large.

Wendy Lee
SVP Corporate Digital Services & Solutions
Kaiser Permanente

Gene Sun
Corporate Vice President - Chief Information Security Officer and Risk Management
FedEx Services

Andrew Turner

Jim Fowler
Chief Information Officer (Group CIO)

Ernest Lefner
Senior Vice President, Network Engineering
Bank of America

And many more...

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