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Techonomy NYC

Techonomy NYC

The two-day conference looks at the technologies driving change in both business and society, the progress these technologies can create, and the potential peril that comes from missteps and unintended consequences.

To thrive in today’s fast-moving and confusing world, leaders need to be able to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated events, technological advancements, and policy changes coming from all over the world. In many ways tech is altering how systems work, how industries compete, and how we ourselves think and act.

At TechonomyNYC, May 8-9, we bring the pieces together by convening a diverse group of experts–practitioners of innovation, business leaders who are open about their challenges, policy experts who go out on a limb, and plenty of young entrepreneurs.

Our aim is to facilitate a cross-fertilization of ideas that produce ‘A-ha moments.’ There is no other conference quite like this one. It’s a two-day collective conversation. You should be part of it.


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