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R&D Innovation Summit

R&D Innovation Summit

Bringing together leaders who have been implementing successful R&D, developing innovation programs and supporting their company's future development.

The R&D Innovation Summit brings together thought leaders from the world’s most respected companies, creating an open forum for discussion on best practices with R&D. Spanning across industries, the summit will provide varying approaches to opportunities and challenges that are ultimately common within the innovation function.

Through a combination of presentations, engaging panel discussions, and interactive workshops, this summit will address some of the latest advances in R&D Innovation.

Director of Research & Outcomes
Johnson & Johnson

Senior Manager

Ph.D., Director (Retired), Global Assessments
Eli Lilly

Vice President of Technology

Director, Technology Innovation

And many more...

Topics include:

  • Optimizing performance via Big Data and metrics analysis
  • Adapting to industries emerging as a result of new technology
  • Developing a successful R&D pipeline
  • Establishing and improving directed, strategized R&D processes
  • Building, training and retaining strong teams to foster innovation
  • The role of sustainability within R&D
  • Identifying & overcoming obstacles

By means of case studies, panel sessions, and open discussions, the Summit is a forum for the most influential and driven practitioners in the field to walk away with valuable contacts and actionable insights to maintain best practices and spur innovation and growth in the field of R&D.

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