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Econsultancy & Nielsen Visual IQ:  Crossing the New Digital Divide

Econsultancy & Nielsen Visual IQ: Crossing the New Digital Divide

Your Guide to Marketing Effectiveness in a Time of Bold Claims and Outrageous Expectations

Does your marketing team work in silos? Do different groups use different key performance indicators, different data sources, or operate on different cadences? Is there a lack of communication across teams? You’re not alone. We call this problem the “new digital divide.”

While the digital era has created many powerful new opportunities, it also poses challenges when tracking, analysing and optimising marketing and advertising performance. If your measurement isn’t keeping up, you risk falling behind.

Join us as we discuss the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing, analytics and attribution. Find out how you can navigate the tangled digital path, and get actionable tips for overcoming common challenges to marketing effectiveness in a time of bold claims and outrageous expectations. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How digital has made marketing incredibly complex
  • Why winning in the digital era requires new measurement approaches
  • Strategies and technologies for discovering the tactics and audiences behind your best-performing marketing
  • Best practices and use cases for aligning your team around the metrics that matter

Wayne St. Amand,
Chief Marketing Officer
Nielsen Visual IQ

Wayne is a veteran marketing leader with a track record of significantly increasing the growth trajectory of technology companies, playing a key role in one IPO and two $100+ million acquisitions.

At Nielsen Visual IQ, Wayne is responsible for driving business expansion through the company’s global corporate and product marketing strategies. He works actively with the company’s brand and agency customers to discover and communicate some of the world’s most ground-breaking uses of Marketing Intelligence technology.

Moira Freeman,
Product Marketing Manager
Nielsen Visual IQ

Moira is the Product Marketing Manager at Nielsen Visual IQ. She manages product communication, product training, and collateral development for internal teams and customers.

Matt Butterfield,
Account Manager EMEA
Nielsen Visual IQ



Date:        20 June  2018
Time:       2:00 pm BST | 3:00 pm CET 

Crossing the New Digital Divide is sponsored by Nielsen Visual IQ

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