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Webinar: Create highly personalised website experiences for your customers using Watson Marketing and Magnolia CMS

Webinar: Create highly personalised website experiences for your customers using Watson Marketing and Magnolia CMS

Web content personalisation can be difficult to get started with. Everybody understands the value, everybody wants to do it, but nobody knows where to begin. Imagine being able to quickly personalise website content, based on contact data from within Watson Marketing Campaign Automation (formerly IBM Marketing Cloud) and served by an easy-to-use, enterprise web content management system.

The Watson Marketing + Magnolia CMS integration allows you to do exactly this. Create variants of web page content in the web CMS and serve them in real time, based on the visitor’s unique data coming from Watson Marketing.

Sounds too good to be true? Join this webinar to find out just how easy website personalisation can be. Whats more, Magnolia also integrates with IBM Websphere Commerce, allowing for a completely integrated content commerce digital customer experience.

Who the webinar is for
This webinar is a must-attend for all Digital Marketing professionals and Solution Architects interested in website personalisation, based on marketing automation contact data, who are already using Watson Marketing, Magnolia CMS, or are considering them in order to benefit from website personalisation and multi-channel campaign execution. 

Presenters Include:

Moderator: Preseetha Kollamthodi, European Channel Leader, Watson Marketing, IBM

Preseetha and her team at IBM Marketing Cloud support Business Partners in delivering successful customer engagement solutions to their clients.  She has nearly over 15 years industry experience and has lead numerous marketing transformation projects for global Enterprise brands.

She educates both customers and partners on best practice and emerging developments in marketing automation and helps translate their marketing vision into tangible results.

Michael Schoenacher, Sales Engineer Europe, Watson Marketing, IBM

Michael is a Sales Engineer based in Munich/Germany and he is with IBM for almost 4 years. His focus is to demonstrate the Omni-Channel capabilities of Watson Marketing during the Pre-Sales process and supports also existing customers to enhance their Buyer Journey.
In addition he supports and enables Partners to create a seamless, engaging, and comprehensive brand experience across multiple channels.

Brian Warrick Sr. Solutions Architect, Magnolia

Brian has a passion and a long history of helping companies maximize their technology.  Having built simple homegrown CMS’, as well as working with a diverse array of CMS platforms, he understands the power of personalization in driving conversions and commerce.  When not helping clients and partners get the most out of Magnolia, Brian is likely to be found scuba diving or restoring classic vehicles.


Wednesday, 17th May 2017 : 5pm - 6pm CEST.

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