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Webinar: SEO in your copy

Webinar: SEO in your copy

Are you a digital marketer looking to optimise your SEO in 2017? Then you’ll want to join this webinar with our resident content strategist. Sharing the latest SEO best practice that will work through every search engine update, you’ll learn how to write effective website copy and improve your SEO.

SEO best practices we’ll cover include:

  • How to optimise website content for Google
  • Creating useful content that ranks well in Google
  • Targeting specific keywords in your copy.

How we can help your SEO improve

As content marketers ourselves, we know how important SEO is for ranking on search engines and driving website traffic to your site. Our resident content strategist will share the techniques we use and how you can apply them to boost your current SEO performance.

Turn your website shop-window into a lead generation platform.

Thursday, 7th December - 4pm GMT.

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