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Webinar: A New Approach to Single Page Applications

Webinar: A New Approach to Single Page Applications

Creating an impactful customer experience – one that meets the expectations of today’s consumers - requires control over content, as well as its placements and presentation.

While Single Page Applications (SPAs) provide significant value to businesses, with gains in performance and development speed, traditional solutions strip marketers of the experience management tools they require to be successful.

Developed with our leading implementation partner, Authentic, our new BloomReach Experience SPA solution removes the need for Marketers to relinquish control over the digital customer experience. Thanks to this innovation they can:

  • Manage experience in an SPA environment via the contributor-friendly SPA integration
  • Retain all the BloomReach Experience contribution and marketing features that teams love
  • Obtain the benefits of an SPA solution, including performance benefits and improved development speed

To learn more about this exciting new solution, as well as the industry shift toward SPA solutions, and how it can impact your business, we invite you to join us for an inspired conversation featuring Digital Clarity Groups, Cathy McKnight, BloomReach Experience CTO, Arjé Cahn, and Authentic CEO, David Roe.


Co-Founder, VP Consulting & Operations, Digital Clarity Group


As a founding partner of Digital Clarity Group and leader of its enterprise consulting practice, Cathy helps organizations transform the way technology can enable business strategy and performance. In her current role, Cathy has helped dozens of companies realize their content and marketing/communication objectives. With 20 years of global experience and expertise in content management, intranets, marketing technologies and customer experience, Cathy has both led both strategic business transformation initiatives, as well as the detailed execution of enterprise technology implementations.



Chief Technology Officer for BloomReach Experience


As CTO and co-founder of Hippo, Arjé is the technical brain behind the BloomReach digital experience platform. He has earned his stripes in the open-source world as an elected member of the Apache Software Foundation. He was listed as a top 5 CMS executive under 35 by CMSWire and is a frequent speaker at conferences on web experience management and open-source.


David Roe

Chief Executive Officer, Authentic


David Roe is the founder and CEO of Authentic. Having worked as an Enterprise Architect and Consultant in the Content Management and digital experience market for over 13 years, David has helped many of the world’s largest companies and organizations adopt imaginative solutions that deliver results. With intricate knowledge of all prevalent Web Content Management tools in the market, David has solidified himself as a visionary and expert within the space.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 | 7AM PDT / 10AM EST / 3PM BST

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