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How GDPR Will Change the Dynamics of Customer Experience

How GDPR Will Change the Dynamics of Customer Experience

Set to go into effect in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is at the top of mind for all organizations doing business with and in the EU. The regulation will change the way organizations manage data about their consumers and the overall customer experience landscape. How can you benefit from this new regulation? Yes, you’ve read it right: benefit!

GDPR is a new playing field, with a new set of rules. What that means for you is that you need to plan now and adapt to the changes more quickly than your competition. Customer Experience (CX) will be changing towards trust-based exchanges between customers and brands. You, as a brand, will need to rethink how you approach many CX strategies, including cultivating richer and more accurate data sets, and creating 1:1 experiences that are contextually relevant for each customer.

Some of the topics we will discuss in the webinar include:

  • What Impact Data Savvy Consumers Have on Your Customer Experience. Consumers are getting increasingly data savvy and require more control of their personal data. Data is the fuel of CX, and as consumers continue to demand more transparancy in the use of their personal data, you will have a whole new set of challenges. GDPR is mandating a new approach to CX.
  • How Customer Trust and Privacy Creates Mutual Benefits for Companies and their Customers. Consumers will share personal data with brands they like and trust in order to get more value and a more holistic digital experience. Trust is more than a positive in brand reputation, it's the key to building a foundation of data-based competitive advantage. 
  • Why Organizations Will Need To Adapt To The New Data Ecosystem. New skills and roles will be needed to help brands establish customer trust and privacy. Cross-functional alignment, compliance strategy, and governance policies will have to be instituted to support the people-process-technology triangle.

Join us for a special edition webinar with Tim Walters, Content Advisory Analyst, to learn how GDPR will fundamentally change CX and the way we do business in the digital world, and what critical steps you need to take now to differentiate from the competition.

Tim Walters, Ph.D.

Principal Strategist and Privacy Lead at The Content Advisory


A Principal Strategist and Privacy Lead at The Content Advisory, Tim Walters helps people understand, develop and execute smart content marketing and customer experience strategies -- while also respecting the privacy and personal data of consumers. Tim has extensive experience advising companies (brands, vendors, and service providers) about personal data protection (the EU General Data Protection Regulation), customer experience management, and customer journey management.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017   5:00 PM CET | 8:00 AM PT |11:00 AM ET

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