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Richmond New Tech 2016

Richmond New Tech 2016

Building the Start-Up Tech Ecosystem in West London.


  1. You are a tech start-up and seeking funds, investment advice? 
  2. You are not yet a tech start up, but would like to become one? 
  3. You want to find a partner for your tech start up? 
  4. You want to talk to other tech start ups, get some ideas, network
  5. Maybe your start up has not worked, you need some advice either from investors, peers or other start ups? 

We have actual investors and thought leaders from academia and legal to support new opportunities as well as experienced practitioners. Real life start-up entrepreneurs will be sharing their success stories, explaining exactly how they made it work (and showing that you can too).

We will also have a corporate presence (KPMG Tech Growth) - the corporates now realise the need to invest in and sponsor start-ups like you. In addition we will also have Zac Goldsmith MP who is passionate in supporting the start-up industry and can offer advice from his own experiences. 


  • Richmond Council 
  • KPMG Tech Growth
  • Moore Blatch
  • Richmond New Tech Meet Up
  • Start up Richmond

Keynotes from:

Zac Goldsmith MP and Cllr. Pamela Fleming Andrew Walmsley (iLevel Media, Fetch Mobile, Eden Project)


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