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The Omnichannel Consumer Journey: Online to Brick and Mortar

The Omnichannel Consumer Journey: Online to Brick and Mortar

On this unmissable Sitecore webinar series, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from top thought leaders in the eCommerce world, giving you (real) actionable insights on what your customers are expecting next and how to prepare for what’s in store - no pun intended – when shopping is happening all over the place.

The Omnichannel consumer journey: from online to brick and mortar shopping

One of the main challenges for companies today is offering a seamless and consistent customer experience across different channels. Many of you can relate to the fact that most of our shopping experiences today start online and end up in a real store. As consumers, we expect (even better: demand!) that companies move quickly to adapt to our ever changing needs and desires and find innovative solutions to delight and engage us.

On this session with leading FashionTech scout and former ASOS Ventures co-founder and Investment Director, Daniel Bobroff, you will find out more on how technology is rapidly changing the landscape and how you should consider the buying journey between online to brick and mortar shopping within the context of your business. We will discuss new opportunities for brands to transform their customers' journey through an experience that might start online and end in a physical store.

Presented by:

Daniel Bobroff, founder and CEO of Coded Futures and formerly the founder and Investment Director of ASOS Ventures

22nd November 2016 – 3.00pm GMT

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