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The Journey to Hyper-personalisation - eCommerce Webinar Series

The Journey to Hyper-personalisation - eCommerce Webinar Series

On this unmissable Sitecore webinar series, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from top thought leaders in the eCommerce world, giving you (real) actionable insights on what your customers are expecting next and how to prepare for what’s in store - no pun intended – when shopping is happening all over the place.

Me, myself and I: the journey to hyper-personalisation

Forget about your old generic marketing campaigns and the traditional ways of targeting your consumers. The time has come: ‘hyper-personalisation’ is now the norm and your audience expect it from you. This approach looks at making marketing relevant to the individuals, rather than the whole population on earth, through mapping different journeys, making them personalised, and in consequence, making consumers buy more! But remember: successful mapping should look at the paths of each segment and create an optimal set of potential experiences, whichever path they take. Buying is just the beginning. The journey will last for as long as your consumer says they will so you’d better be ready.

Follow Sitecore’s Digital Marketing Consultant and expert Paul Fennemore, as he detangles the mysteries behind hyper-personalisation and demonstrates that, yes, it is possible to do it… and do it right! During his session Paul will discuss the different aspects of taking personalisation to the next level, with feasible and easily adoptable steps, present case studies around those who have succeeded and those who, well, not so much, showing you why it is more important than ever for you to place your audience at the vortex of any hyper-personalised marketing strategy.

Presented by:

Paul Fennemore, Digital Experience Consultant, Sitecore


13th October 2016 – 3.00pm GMT

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