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From Ux to Ex -  eCommerce Webinar Series

From Ux to Ex - eCommerce Webinar Series

On this unmissable Sitecore webinar series, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from top thought leaders in the eCommerce world, giving you (real) actionable insights on what your customers are expecting next and how to prepare for what’s in store - no pun intended – when shopping is happening all over the place.

From UX to EX: Using neuromarketing to put emotion at the heart of the brief and creating remarkable shopping experience

Ecommerce stores are not exempt from creating remarkable shopping experiences. Just like shops on the high street, an online store should be an experience to remember. Tech will always change, but the one thing that will always be disruptive are people - which is why it is more important than ever to put human emotion at the heart of every design. Backed by principles of neuroscience, this session will educate attendees on why the future of UX - to be replaced by EX (emotional experience) - is in humanising the digital landscape.

Presented by:

Daryll Scott, Director of Human Technology, Lab

26th October 2016 – 3.00pm GMT

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