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Digital Strategy Innovation Summit, Los Angeles

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit, Los Angeles

Join us for two days of interactive learning through workshops, keynote presentations & deep-dive discussions supported by multiple networking opportunities. Take the chance to hear from pioneering executives working within the Digital Strategy area, who are implementing real innovation in their organizations to maximize the opportunities of a global marketplace.

The main themes for this years’s discussion are:

  • Omni-Channel Marketing & Communication Strategy
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Data-Based Decision Making
  • E-commerce Strategy

By covering the hottest topics within digital strategy we create a platform for senior level executives to obtain real action points and useful connections to better support their business goals.

Online videos of all sessions, with integrated slides and audio will be made available to all attendees after the event.


Pascal Hoffmann - Former VP, Digital Strategy - Wells Fargo
Patrick Stiegman - VP, Digital - ESPN
Mike Germano - Chief Digital Officer - Vice
Pankaj Chopra - Director, Global Strategy - Johnson & Johnson
Amber Horsburgh - VP, Strategy - Downtown Records
David Iudica - Senior Director, Strategic Insights - Yahoo
Irina Shames - Head of Sales - CNN International
Valeria Strappa - Head of Strategy - Citi
Elizabeth Burstein - Former, Senior Product Mngr - LinkedIn
Abigail Flora - Brand Strategist - Twitter
Belen Pamukoff - Brand Director - Tecate, Heineken
Jen Pearce - VP, Licensing - Downtown Records
Edward Regula - Chief, Strategy - US Federal Government
Ezra Nanes - Senior Director, Product - AccuWeather
Jonathan Roberts - SVP, Data, Audience Dev - About.com
Jeff Hurlow - Head of Brand Studio - Vimeo
Andreas Lieber - Head of Mobile - Pinterest
Gina Pensiero - Digital Strategist - Facebook


Day 1

07:30: Registration - Light Breakfast
08:50: Chairperson Overview
09:00: Digital Customer Experience in the B2B Space - Pascal Hoffmann - Fmr, VP, Digital Strategy at Wells Fargo
09:30: Customer-centricity - David Iudica - Snr, Dir, Strategy & Insights at Yahoo
10:00: Cross - Channel Strategies - Mike Germano - CDO at Vice
10:30: Coffee Break - Exhibition Area
11:00: Optimizing Back-End Technology to Improve the Front-End Experience -  Digital Panelists - Digital Panelists at IE.
12:00: Building eCommerce through Insights - Pankaj Chopra - Dir. Strategic Insights at Johnson & Johnson
12:30: Use Twitter to Build Your Brand - Abigail Flora - Brand Strategist at Twitter 13:00: Lunch - Exhibition Area
14:00: How to Stay on the Right Side of the Creep Line - Gina Pensiero - Digital Strategist at Facebook
15:00: Coffee Break - Exhibition Area
15:30: The Power of Contextual Relevance and the Intent-Driven Millennial - Jonathan Roberts - SVP, Data, Audience Dev at About.com
16:00: PANEL: The Importance of Creating Differentiated Experiences on Owned Platforms - Ezra Nanes - Snr, Dir, Product EXP at AccuWeather
17:00: Networking Drinks - Exhibition Area

Day 2

07:30: Registration - Light Breakfast
08:50: Chairperson Overview
09:00: How Digital is Changing Strategy, Impacting Culture and Affecting Productivity - Valeria Strappa - Head of Strategy at Citi
09:30:  Strategising for Changing Digital Mediums & Platforms - Patrick Stiegman -  VP, Digital at ESPN
10:00: Vimeo's Omni-Channel Communication Strategy - Jeff Hurlow - Head of Brand Solutions at Vimeo
10:30: Coffee Break - Exhibition Area
11:00: PANEL: Real Time Strategy - Digital Panelists - Digital Panelists at IE.
12:00: Utilizing Brand Strategies to Drive Awareness - Amber Horsburgh - VP, Strategy at Downtown Records
12:30: A Strategy to Drive Sales - Irina Shames - Head of Sales at CNN International 13:00: Lunch - Exhibition Area
14:00: How To Engage Your Digital Consumer - Elizabeth Burstein - Snr Mnger, Product at LinkedIn
14:30: Bringing an Hispanic Brand to General Market - Belen Pamukoff - Brand Director at Heineken
15:00: More Speakers Coming Soon!    

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