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WEBINAR: Hippo CMS 10.2: Kick-start your app development

For this webinar, you will get the chance to hear from the experts at Hippo. Mark Peerdeman, Hippo's Director of Product Management, will explain how the new API fits into Hippo's multi-channel strategy. Hippo's Platform Engineer Oscar Scholten will go more in-depth to show you how to easily develop an Angular application on top of this new API and cover the API's functionality in detail.

One of the main new features in Hippo CMS 10.2 is the Content REST API. The Content REST API is targeted at front-end developers looking to expose content to a mobile app or a custom front end such as a digital kiosks or an IoT channel. It provides a great set of out-of-the-box features to kick-start the development of a mobile app, without the need for extensive backend programming.

Join the webinar and get started on your app development! 

Mark Peerdeman, Head of Product Management, Hippo
Oscar Scholten, Platform Engineer, Hippo

May 11th, Time: 8am PST | 11am EST | 5pm CET

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