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Webinar: The Top 5 Steps You Can Take Now to Win in Digital Commerce

Webinar: The Top 5 Steps You Can Take Now to Win in Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce is in a hot seat at the moment, with retailers feeling the pressure of rising consumer expectations. The benchmark for a great digital commerce experience today is not "my last great commerce experience" but "my last great digital experience". It's not a fair battle, but it's the reality of the digital landscape.

After completing an extensive research project among global industry experts, we have found that there are several pressure points that nearly all digital commerce businesses are struggling with - and there are common solutions. In this webinar, we will cover the top 5 tips that we have uncovered for starting to address your digital commerce challenges right now.

  •     How to define KPIs that actually help you to improve your digital commerce experience
  •     Why you should change the way you measure content performance
  •     When, and why, you should lower your expectations
  •     Eliminating fear: how to think in the short-term and the long-term simultaneously
  •     How to define an intelligent content personalisation approach

Join Ivo Bronsveld, author of the recent eBook, "The Digital Commerce Landscape: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities", to uncover the latest insights and actionable steps for improving your digital commerce environments.


Ivo Bronsveld, Director of Solutions at Hippo



December 8th, 5pm (CET) / 11am (EST)

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