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WEBINAR: How to Boost Your Digital Marketing with Episerver

WEBINAR: How to Boost Your Digital Marketing with Episerver

Content is one of the most valuable marketing assets you have and you may feel the pressure to create more. More content doesn’t equal better content. It’s about quality, not quantity.

We look at three different challenges and how organizations solve them using Episerver’s one-screen approach to content, campaigns and products.

1.    Acquisition: Implement your content marketing strategy efficiently. Use content more cost effectively for organic, paid search and social traffic.

2.    Engagement: Instantly capture the visitors on your website and reducing bounce rate by enlightening your visitors rather than persuading them.

3.    Conversion: Hone in on your goals. Use your CMS to help raise conversion rates for signups, downloads and registrations.

Content and marketing teams from Electrolux, Pizza Hut, Virgin Media and American Express love Episerver because it helps them boost their results. Use Episerver to make your team more marketing-effective too!

Bob Egner, VP Product Management, Episerver

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