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WTF Ad Blocking UK 2016

WTF Ad Blocking UK 2016

Prepare yourself and your organization for the challenges ahead with WTF Ad Blocking UK. Taking place in London on 10 March, 2016, this one-day explainer course will provide a holistic understanding of this critical issue in media as well as shed light on what the future holds.

Ad blockers present the newest -and possibly most dangerous- crisis in marketing and media right now. The catalyst that pushes this into crisis territory might be Apple's move to allow ad blocking apps on its new operating system. This has led to a 48 percent increase in consumers using ad blockers in the U.S., according a study by PageFair. What does this movement mean for publishers?

Speakers include:
Martin Ashplant, Digital Director, Metro
Oliver Lewis, Head of Digital 
Jim Edwards, UK Editor, Business Insider 
Stefan Betzold, Managing Director of Digital, BILD
Jon O'Donnell, Group Commercial Director, ESI Media

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