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Digiday Video Anywhere Summit 2016

Digiday Video Anywhere Summit 2016

At the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit, hear from leading companies in publishing, media, advertising and technology on how they’re tackling these problems head-on and trying to find the big business they can see but not yet touch.

At the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit, hear from leading companies in publishing, media, advertising and technology on how they’re tackling these problems head-on and trying to find the big business they can see but not yet touch.

Five Reasons To Attend a Digiday Summit 

    The 10-Minute Meetings — affectionately referred to as “speed dating” by our regular attendees — pair buy-and sell-side attendees so that they can meet, discuss their needs and potentially decide if they want to do business together. Before the summit, you will have the chance to pick which executives you want to meet with.
    You will never struggle to connect with others at a Digiday summit. Summits are kept to between 100 and 300 participants to ensure communication is one-on-one,not one hundred-on-one, so you make the connections you need. The proportion of buy-side to sell-side attendees at summits is 60:40, so the odds as a sell-side attendee are in your favor.
    How much do you spend on traveling to meet prospective clients all over the country, or even all over the world? Now think about how much you spend when they cancel the meeting. Fewer trips and expenses mean you don’t risk your marketing budget.
    Digiday buy-side attendees make the purchasing decisions around marketing tools and software that make their jobs easier. This power is worth millions and in some cases, billions
    Summits almost always begin on a Wednesday and end on a Friday, giving you the beginning of the week to prepare and the weekend to rest. Summits do not run on weekends, except on very rare occasions.

Tickets from ($): 2595.00

Speakers include:

M. Scott Havens, Global Head of Digital, Bloomberg
Chris Berend, Head of Video, CNN 
Joy Marcus, EVP & General Manager - Video, Conde Nast Entertainment
Bing Chen, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer, Victorious  
Jimmy Conrad, Host, KICKTV
Jeremy Azevedo, Head of Digital Networks, LA Discovery 
Neil Katz, VP & Editor in Chief, The Weather Channel 
Don Buckley, CMO, Showtime
Seung Bak, CEO, Drama Fever
Amy Emmerich, Chief Content Officer, Refinery 29 

Topics Include: 

  • The State of Video Now 
  • Transforming the Media Business 
  • My Soccer, My Life 
  • Pay for Content of Bust 
  • When Finance Meets Video 
  • Going Viral on Social 
  • Making Mobile Work For You 
  • Beyond the Highlights: Reimagining Sports 
  • Building Your Brand With Video 
  • The Future Forecast: Where Do We Go From Here 

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