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Inspiration - Think Again

Inspiration - Think Again

In short, snappy sessions, speakers from a variety of businesses and backgrounds will talk about what has inspired them, the problems they faced bringing their ideas to life, and the effect their ideas had on their businesses.


Inspiration is a celebration of creativity, ideas and innovation. These are all widely recognised drivers of success for businesses and individuals alike and this is the chance to hear some fabulous speakers giving their thoughts.

In short, snappy sessions (a bit like a TEDTalk), speakers from a variety of businesses and backgrounds will talk about what has inspired them, the problems they faced bringing their ideas to life, and the effect their ideas have had on their businesses.

Attendees will learn:

How inspiration and creativity is born
How to overcome the barriers to creativity in their own organisations
How some truly inspirational people think
This is an event for everybody involved in communication or managing a business. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or running a team, Inspiration will deliver exceptional insight and give you the tools to stand out.


Laura Jordan Bambach, Former President D&AD, Creative Partner, Mr President
Ahmed Hasan, Chief Digital Officer, GE Healthcare
Chris Baréz-Brown, Founder, Upping Your Elvis
Nick Bennett, Head of Product & Digital, Starcount
Ed Hebblethwaite, Executive Firector, Seymourpowell
Peter Ferris, CEO Ferris Enteertainment
Ann Booth-Clibborn, Founder, Booth-Clibborn Creative
Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton, Explorer, New Horizons
John Farquhar-Smith, CEO Flux Creative
Debbie Klein, CEO, The Engine Group
Scott Cohen, Co-Founder, The Orchard Group
Justin Cooke, CEO, POSSIBLE
Beverly Jackson, Senior Director, Head of Social Marketing, Yahoo!
You will leave this event buzzing with energy, feeling inspired and ready to put your ideas into action.
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Laura Jordan Bambach

Former President, D&AD
Creative Partner, Mr-President


Laura is former President of D&AD, has just received an Honorary Doctorate from NUA for her services to Graphic Design and is also Creative Partner at Mr President. Laura brings together an experimental and innovative use of technological advances and digital media with a deep understanding of changing customer behaviour and good ol’ fashioned storytelling.

She has consistently won awards for her commercial work, and has been honoured with personal recognition over 20 years in the industry, including being voted one of the 30 under 30 leaders in IT by industry leaders as part of the Fairfax Group awards, and the New Media Age Greatest Individual Contribution to the Industry Award in 2011. 


Our current view of the digital marketing landscape needs radical disruption. ‘Old digital’ is of diminishing value to the people that count, real people, the people who will love and nurture our brands.
We should be acting like pioneers; exploring a broader and more meaningful view of creativity (driven by the changes that digital has driven in culture) and creating stories along the way that we can share. Stimulating actions, behaviours and product innovations, not just advertising.
Laura shares her approach to ideas, as well as some of her own, and D&AD 2014’s best work.

Ahmed Hasan

Chief Digital Officer
GE Healthcare Life Science


Currently in the role of Chief Digital Officer within GE Life Sciences, Ahmed is passionate about developing and delivering exceptional digital customer experiences and services. He is responsible for defining and delivering the global digital marketing strategy for the business. This includes the overall strategy, digital technology and platform selection, organisation design and budgets. He explores the ways in which digital channels and technologies help businesses disrupt the market they are in, connect with and influence their customer base, and deliver growth through pioneering development. 


Many B2Bs struggle to catch up with the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape that is the digital world, often resorting to localised tactical activities dressed up as strategy. With new tools and channels appearing almost daily, it’s difficult to know what to bet on.

In GE Life Science we’ve taken an approach that places the digital tools and technologies secondary both to the needs of our somewhat unique customer base, and to the organizational structure of the business. The focus of this discussion is to walk through the digital transformational concept to execution.

Chris Barez Brown

Upping Your Elvis


Chris specialises in helping people reconnect with their inner genius and once again become confident in being who they truly are. Although that may seem rather hippy to some, his results produce tangible returns on investment for companies such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Nike, Roche, Diageo and WPP, who come back time and again for his unique and energetic approach to transforming their people and their businesses.

He combines an eclectic professional background including time in the army, brand management, innovation and leadership development, with his fascination for people and the more esoteric practices of Reiki, meditation, shamanism, hypnotherapy and cider drinking. All of which make his take on work refreshing, simple and inspiring.


We are trapped in business by logical frameworks, analysis and overly rational processing that strangles our innate creative genius. Upping Your Elvis helps rebalance that by bringing more humanity into work and by helping us become more aware of how to change our state deliberately when delivering expansive thinking.
This session will help you understand how you can shift gears to bring out more of your genius and love every minute of it.

Nick Bennett

Head of Product & Digital


Nick has spent 20 years in the communication industry and 18 of those focused on digital channels; branding, advertising, building communities and business success for many European and Global clients. Specialising in digital and social strategy, data driven intelligence and the build of products and services.

His roles have included Creative Director, Strategy Director, Managing Partner, Digital Consultant, Head of Digital and Head of Product.


Join Nick on a journey to lift a burden from our collective shoulders and de-bunk this inspiration myth.

’Inspiration’ is not a gift bestowed on Creative Directors at birth, nor is it the sole proprietary of ’the brains’ or the ’genius’ in the agency. It doesn’t exist in the creative or the strategy department as some ethereal sixth sense. And you don’t need a finely manicured beard and Shoreditch postcode to find it.

Inspiration doesn’t ’just’ happen. There is a formula. Get ready to let off some steam.

Ed Hebblethwaite

Executive Director


Ed is a highly experienced planner, having worked in the industry for 25 years; including stints as planning director at Interbrand, Fitch, Identica and VCCP. His expertise spans a broad range of disciplines from brand strategy to advertising, retail, corporate identity, product design, graphic design and innovation.

Think, the agency he founded in 2003, was bought by Loewy in 2006 where he became strategy director. Loewy bought Seymourpowell in 2007 and after some joint project work, Seymourpowell asked Ed to head their research, trends and strategy team – SP Foresight. Ed is now Board Strategy Director and a joint owner of Seymourpowell – a world-leading brand design and innovation business based in London. 


Innovation is a complex task; it isn’t all about Consumer Insights… the consumer isn’t always right but they are part of the picture. Ed’s talk will cover the complexity of the picture, how Seymourpowell embraces concurrent multiple inputs and melds these into surprising, delightful innovations.

Peter Ferris

Ferris Entertainment 


Peter Ferris is the founder and owner of Ferris Entertainment. He has been in the Film, TV and Music Industry for 30 years and has taught and trained throughout that time with many famous names as his past pupils.

Peter is proud to be the co-owner of the "Ring of Peace" which will be filmed on its journey around the world on smartphones and tablets and which has already received congratulations from British Prime Minister David Cameron. 


The Smartphone Punk Film Revolution. Get your message out there now to your audience, customers or everybody.

Ann Booth-Clibborn

Booth-Clibborn Creative


Ann Booth-Clibborn is a BBC TV producer who has spent the last 20 years creating stories for many of the major UK television channels. It is now her mission to pass on the powerful secret of stories to others. 

For 20 years Ann developed formats and produced shows for BBC and Channel 4. Her shows include the award-winning Changing Rooms for BBC1, which attracted 11 million viewers in its second series, and the notorious You Are What You Eat for Channel 4, which transformed diet TV and launched a successful product brand. 


You will inspire your colleagues, your clients and most importantly yourself by being able to tell your story well. In 20 minutes, I plan to unlock your natural storytelling skills and start getting you using them for your business.
A story has a very particular set of elements, which we use naturally at the pub but we tend to forget them in the office. The chances are you are so close to your story that you are missing some of the most interesting elements. Be ready to work hard and together we will find the important elements in the story of your business.

Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton

Explorer/ Author
Part of the youngest team to climb Mount Everest


Armed only with climbing ability, some business acumen and a laptop, Matthew took on the challenge that would have him taking a crash course in everything from top-tier business etiquette to surviving hypoxia at over 8,000m in the ‘Death Zone’ on Everest itself.
After nearly two years spent reaching out to an unthinkable number of board members, the great gamble paid off and three months later, he stood atop Mount Everest at 8,848m as part of the youngest ever team and one of the youngest people at the tender age of 22 years to reach the lofty summit of this mostly graceful but occasionally savage mountain.


In a short space of time, Matthew will document his climb of Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth, detailing the personal inspirations required to battle the so-called ‘Death Zone’. He will discuss how they overcame monumental physiological and psychological challenges and finally outline how inspiration can be harnessed to bring about revolutionary and rewarding outcomes not only on mountains but also in business.

John Farquhar-Smith

Flux Creative


John Farquhar-Smith has twenty-five years’ experience of working in large-scale live production. He has produced projects including Eddie Izzard’s Arena Tour “Sexie”, “Battleship Potemkin” for Pet Shop Boys in Trafalgar Square, the BAFTA-nominated, award-winning Secret Policeman’s Ball for Amnesty International, the Royal Gala Opening of St Pancras International Station by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, The London 2012 ‘Handover Ceremony ‘ in the closing of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, ‘Illuminating of Hadrian’s Wall’, The Sultan of Oman’s 40th National Day and The Evening Celebrations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic torch relays.

John brings a wealth of experience in large and complex ‘one-off’ events, in challenging environments, where extensive media coverage means there is no margin for error.


John will discuss the fifteen steps that turn an idea into reality.

Debbie Klein

Chief Executive
The Engine Group


Debbie moved to the UK straight after university graduation starting her career at market research firm AC Nielsen and then moved into advertising, joining Saatchi and Saatchi as a strategist but by the time she was 27 Debbie was on the board. A year later she left to join ad agency WCRS. Not content with leading on clients including BMW, MINI and Sky, she was a founding partner in the 2004 WCRS management buyout that eventually led to the creation of The Engine Group. Ten years on from the buyout, Engine has grown its UK headcount from 150 to 750, while revenue has soared from £12m to £90m. It has also grown into a global business, with offices in eight locations around the world.


The wonderful thing about digital marketing is that it is so measurable. The amount of data on clicks, shares and likes can sometimes overwhelm us. But with all this connectivity and accountability the role of creativity has become ever-more paramount. In fact, marketers ignore creative cut –through at their peril. The more connected your consumer is to a multi-channel environment, the more your ideas need to stand out from the noise and the clutter.
In this talk Debbie Klein, CEO of Engine UK, will explore the new rules that govern creativity in this space and ask if, ultimately, the digital era is all about measurement – how do you and can you measure creativity?

Scott Cohen

Vice-President/ Co-Founder
The Orchard


Scott is the co-founder of digital distribution company The Orchard and a well-recognized public speaker and lecturer. Scott travels the world evangelizing new business models for the digital age. He is a visiting professor at London Metropolitan University and sits on the BPI Council.
The Orchard is a pioneering music, video and film distribution company and top-ranked Multi Channel Network operating in more than 25 global markets. With a holistic approach to sales and marketing combined with industry-leading technology and operations, The Orchard amplifies reach and revenue across hundreds of digital, physical and mobile outlets around the world. 


A glimpse into the roller coaster ride of an entrepreneur. The ups and downs and more downs and deeper downs and desperation that can bring an entrepreneur to his knees. So why would anyone do it?

Justin Cooke



Justin is the UK CEO of Possible, WPP Digital’s largest global agency, and the former Chair and now an Ambassador of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA), the industry body for everyone working in digital Britain.
He founded digital agency Fortune Cookie in 1997. After securing venture capital funding, he grew the business to 200 people and $25m of revenue before selling to WPP in 2012. 


Data and creativity are not natural enemies. They’ve just been deployed the wrong way. I am going to talk about how we get inspired by data and how we have used it to come up with brilliant ideas that deliver measurable results and make a difference.

Beverly Jackson

Beverly Jackson
Senior Director, Head of Social Marketing


Beverly is responsible for developing and executing social media strategies and engagement tactics at Yahoo!. As a central member of the global marketing services team, she is responsible for helping grow the brand through social media, and establishing strategic relationships and seeding content through social networks. She has an expert-level understanding of social media, community trends and technology with a keen understanding of the intersection of digital, social and traditional marketing.


Join Beverly for a personal reflection on how failing “successfully” and often drives progress and innovation. The process of letting go of the fear of failure and finding your power to lead, challenge and succeed with an organization. Learn how to fail forward and move your organization into a leadership position.
More personal and less corporate means you will get an up-close and intimate conversation about a journey to finding a way to build successful programs, innovate and drive creativity in your own voice.


Chief Innovation Officer
Vice Chancellor/ Head of college
London College of Communications
Account Director
Velocity Partners
Account Director
Velocity Partners
Lalidi Ltd
Stuart Graham
Electronic media executive
Network Rail
Head of Digital Marketing
Network Rail
Head of Sales and Marketing
Fleet Tutors
Football Social Media & Community Manager
Adidas AG
Lucky Escape
Lonely Monster
Branding Magazine
Head of Business Development
Upfront business development
Business Development
Upping Your Elvis
Chief Strategy Officer
Ancient Oak Consulting Ltd
Head of Marketing
Major Players
Managing Partner
Once We Were
Founder / Director
Once We Were
Davies Associates
Senior Copywriter
Thirty-three LLP
Senior Copywriter
Thirty-three LLP
Director of Digital Business Solutions
DJM Finland
Charles Morris
Marketing and Events Manager
Oasis HR
Sales Representative
Digital Marketing Manager
Kuoni House
Online PR Consultant
Consumer Marketing Manager
Head of Massive Breakthroughs
The Whole Equation
Write my Site
Software Engineer
Russia Direct
Graphic Designer
Food and Beverage Marketing Executive
Royal Albert Hall
Innovation Practice Manager
F2X Group Ltd
Managing Director
Sales Manager EMEAI
Public Speaker
Blown Away
Managing Director EMEA
M&C Saatchi Mobile
Head of Strategy
M&C Saatchi Mobile
Strategic Lead, Brand and Digital
Sport England
Sales Director
Penfield Inc. Ltd
Manager, Media & PR
Canadian Tourism Commission
Creative Director
LTF Design & Marketing Ltd
Event Executive
Manager, Web Marketing Innovation
Digital Marketing
6 Degrees
Marketing Manager
6 Degrees
Head of Solutions Marketing
6 Degrees
Group Strategy & Marketing Director
6 Degrees
Marketing Assistant
6 Degrees
Managing Director
Ogilvy Healthworld
Head of scientific services
Ogilvy Healthworld
SVP Marketing
Getty Images
Admin Manager
ICE Creative
Head of Digital Marketing Transformation
Executive Creative Director
Start Judge Gill Ltd
Marketing Director
Stocks Austin Sice
Managing Director
Nice Agency
Head of Client Sales
ESI Media
Head of Strategic Partnerships
ESI Media
Head of Audience & Insight
ESI Media
Editorial Director
ESI Media
Planning Director
Market Gravity
We are Experience
Innovation Manager
AbbVie Ltd
Animation Director and Producer
Nucco Brain Studio Ltd
marketing manager
client manager
Business Unit Director
REL Field Marketing
Managing Director
REL Field Marketing
Managing Director
HMA Digital Marketing
KISS Communications
Charles Russell
Marketing Executive
Rugosus Ltd.
Head of Art

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