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Digital Doughnut's November Meet Up

Join our Christmas Antisocial Party with Elizabeth Malone-Johnstone and Anna Dahlström speaking about content creation and UX.

It's that time of year again! Join Digital Doughnut at Zigfrid Von Underbelly, 11 Hoxton Square for our annual Christmas Antisocial Party with two guest speakers, doughnuts, drink promotions and a DJ.Doors open 6.30pm - late!

This year creating fresh and interesting content appropriate for multiple devices is on the forefront of every marketer's mind. Hear from Elizabeth Malone-Johnstone Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder of Digitise this and Anna Dahlström UX Designer & Founder of byflock and UX Fika speaking about content and how to create a user experience for multiple devices.

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18.30 - Arrive & networking with Christmas treats and doughnuts
19.30 - Elizabeth Malone-Johnstone - Content marketing strategies
19:50 - Networking break
20.15 - Anna Dahlström -What you need to know about designing for multiple devices
20.45 - Prize draw
20.50 - DJ starts and networking continues

Our meet-ups have been going for over five years and pull together a great cross section of London's digital people, from client side and agency digital leaders to people just starting out in digital marketing. There is always great content, but the evenings are about a lot more than just standing listening.

Come along and meet people, hear great ideas and socialize in one of the oldest and best established meet-ups in the London. Don't forget to bring business cards to hand out to the great people you will meet and add to our prize draw for a bottle of bubbly.

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Elizabeth Malone-Johnstone Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder of Digitise This

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @E_M_J & @DigitisethisUK and on LinkedIn
'I think we'll see brands trying to make a real connection with individuals (rather than data driven customer 'profiles') in 2015'.

Elizabeth is a Chartered Marketer and has specialised in digital marketing for the last 8 years. She has experience of working with FTSE100 companies and leading marketing software providers, as well as not-for-profits, independent retailers and startups. She founded the digital marketing consultancy,Digitise This, in 2014 to provide expert digital marketing advice and support to start-ups and small businesses.

At the Digital Doughnut event, Elizabethwill be talking about how the concept of content marketing is evolving from more traditional forms of passively consumed content like blog posts, whitepapers and infographics towards the creation of digital tools and platforms by brands, built to make customers' lives easier and provide real value to them. For example, side projects like the free image website Unsplash by the team at Crew and free tools provided by software companies like Hubspot. Elizabeth aims to encourage brand marketers to think about content marketing less in terms of ‘Top ten tips' and more about how the content they produce actually makes tasks easier or more entertaining for their audience in real terms.

1.What do you want the audience to take away from your presentation?
If they go away energised with some new ideas and/or perspectives that would be a result.
2.What are your predicted trends in digital marketing for 2015?
I think we'll see brands trying to make a real connection with individuals (rather than data driven customer 'profiles') in 2015. It will be interesting to see how the big corporations pull it off but we've already seen a great example from Coca Cola. I think also 'Content marketing' will continue to have marketers in a flap too but the actual content produced will need to get much better to achieve cut through, judging by the proliferation of mediocre, regurgitated stuff over the last year.
3. What is your favourite Doughnut?
I had a cronut a while back and it was awesome!

Anna Dahlström UX Designer & Founder of byflock

Follow Anna on Twitter @byflock & @annadahlstrom

'I believe that we in the near future will and should design with the individual in mind'.

Anna Dahlström is a Swedish UX designer and the founder of byflock and UX Fika.She has been based in London since 2006, previously she lived in Copenhagen for six years, where she started her UX career. Over the last 13 years she has worked as an Experience Lead and freelance UX designer across a variety of brands, companies and projects. As of March this year Anna stopped freelancing to give more back through mentoring, in house training, running workshops and doing talks.

Anna is also the founder of byflock, a product studio mixing work & play, turning ideas & side projects into businesses, making dents & sharing the reward.

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