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Hew Bruce-Gardyne
Hew Bruce-Gardyne Co-Founder TVSquared

A recognized thought leader in data analytics and modeling, Hew leads TVSquared’s technology development and roadmap. Hew has spent the majority of his career finding new and innovative ways of making data analytics transformative for businesses that span industries. As principal analyst and head of IT analytics at Sumerian, a provider of big data analytics for retail and investment banks, Hew was responsible for optimization modeling and analysis for big-name financial clients across the globe. He was also the CTO and head of IT analytics for Registers of Scotland, a department within the Scottish government that maintains records related to land, property and other legal documents. Outside of work, Hew’s household is busy with three teenage boys with interests as diverse as climbing, rugby, tennis, archery, Chinese and five musical instruments between them. About TVSquared: More than 600 brands, agencies and networks in 58 countries use TVSquared to improve TV campaign effectiveness up to 80%. See your spot, measure its impact in real-time and optimise TV for maximum performance. Learn more at www.tvsquared.com.