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Timothy Mettelman
Timothy Mettelman Regional Vice President of Sales mBlast
United States

Top performing senior sales specialist interested in increasing revenue, profit and shareholder value for your organization. Recognized for the ability to solve complex problems, engender support and create win-win scenarios. Considerable selling proficiency gained through deep and broad experience built on concepts and principles. Highly developed skills to motivate, inspire and persuade. Develops strong client relationships that provide significant input to planning organization products, price and service strategies. Success transcends industries including Financial Services, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Print & Media, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, State & Local, Education, Healthcare and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Professional history of exceeding quotas and fulfillment of employer & client expectations. One of my goals is to win larger more profitable and sustainable revenue streams from clients. I will achieve this by building and maintaining relationships that give clients the trust and confidence to discuss their real issues and give the opportunity to scope solutions before the competition even knows. This reduces costs of sales and positions me as a business partner.


So what is mBLAST? We improve your digital marketing initiatives. We help you find new customers and can tell you when they’re ready to buy – right now. We tell you which of your existing customers are ready to buy another product from you – and when. We tell you when your customers are about to leave – so you can save them; when your competitors’ customers are ready to leave – so you can steal them. We’re not a platform or a suite or even an app. You probably have too many of these already. We’re the rocket fuel that you add to your existing marketing engine to boost revenue, cut acquisition costs, improve cross-sell/upsell and reduce churn. We call that fuel “real-time contextual insights” – because it captures what people are actually saying they want, need and experience. So you don’t have to guess or predict what your prospects and customers are going to do. You can know and act now.

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