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To begin, go to and input the HP DeskJet printer model code to download the HP Deskjet printer driver. Before you do so, go to HP Software and Driver's Downloads section. Now you may vote for the operating system that is currently accessible. Select the Mac operating system version first, then hit the Start button. The driver file will begin to download, and the link form will now be selected as USB. Download and install the HP Scan in a same manner. Second, click the printer's name, and then select Add from the drop-down menu. Finally, return to your HP installer to finish the installation. HP Officejet printers can save time by printing from Android devices or tablets in the simplest method possible. The HP OfficeJet Pro printers provide a high print output and smart features. To begin installing the HP OfficeJet Printer Setup on Mac, search for the following requirements: the HP OfficeJet printer, USB cable, and the computer's USB printer cord must all be delinked. On, you may get HP Easy Start right now. Check Also: