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Rod is a forward thinking entrepreneur.  He used to build brands and sharpen messaging. More recently he has focussed increasingly on architecting business value propositions. Though his consulting firm, he advises on innovation, brand and marketing technology. He has founded and exited multiple businesses and mentored countless tech industry luminaries.  Rod has been acknowledged as part of the TechCity Insider 100 list, the Fresh Business Thinking Power 100, The Maserati 100, The Smith & Williamson Power 100 and GQ’s list of the 100 Most Connected Men in Britain. Rod also Chairs WPP’s brand hub, Adgistics and Seenit, a UGC engine used by the BBC, HSBC, Barclays, Vodafone and many more blue chip brands. He is also a NED at the Sound Agency a business that creates brand sound and sonic landscapes. His passion project is JoyTech - a growing community exploring how tech can bring more joy to the world.