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Olga Loginova
Olga Loginova COO Aitarget
United Kingdom

Aitarget is an AI-powered SwaS (Software with a Service) that helps advertisers automate routine operations, scale Facebook and Instagram campaigns and measure and optimise LTV&ROI in real time. The focus of the company is to make profitable mobile marketing for business. We achieve it by providing: • ROI, ARPU, LTV and other custom metrics measurement and optimisation; • Powerful strategies (Change Bid, Budget Relocation, Ads rotation, Frequency holding, Relevance Score monitoring, etc.); • Bringing Your Own Data; • Routine operations automation; • Realtime notifications; • Integration with 200+ CRM solutions; • Powerful and clear workflow (auto splitting, macros, budget allocation etc.). Our head office is in New York, other offices are in London, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.