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Nik Harta
Nik Harta Managing Director Yolo Communications
United Kingdom

We use our extensive (25+ years) marketing and market research experience and knowledge to create tailored solutions that help our clients achieve their aims. Yolo Communications has a simple philosophy of people doing business with people; we firstly listen to understand our client's challenges before making any recommendations to help realise their objectives. With an extensive network of global partners, the agency provides full marketing and market research services in the UK and internationally. Whilst we provide traditional market research to support PR and marketing, we have also developed a new and unmatched advanced research-led solution for social media intelligence and brand communications. This enables us to deliver strategic insights and help clients gain an in-depth understanding of consumers and audiences through a unique approach to using social media as a research tool. Using both qualitative and quantitative analysis and interpretation of social media data, we see an opportunity for brands to profile, understand and then engage with their audiences. Our results produce an understanding of consumer’s needs, intents and influences to drive strategic comms, sales and customer service. We apply insights across all business areas to help enhance brand perceptions, grow pipelines and improve customer satisfaction.