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My name is Nicolas Collebechi and I´ve been working in Online Marketing for more than 12 years now when I started experimenting and learning back in 2000 while still studying for my major in Economics. Having worked on my own or with agencies with all kind of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies (like Dell, SAP, Motorola, American Airlines, Newspapers, Media Groups, etc) to laser targeted local businesses, I have learnt a lot of tricks in the road and gained a lot of experience while working on my own and clients projects.


All areas of Online Marketing with more than 12 years experience Development and management of highly skilled groups of professionals. Negotiation of contracts with local and international providers on different areas. Management of budgets. Business plan creation & execution. Forecasting of KPIs for main metrics. Optimization of investments. Monetization of inventory. New Business Development. Strategic Planning & synergy actions with cooperative partners. Vast experience in all IM areas including SEO/SEM, PPC Platforms, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Programs & Web 2.0 Marketing, Analytics, Affiliate Programs, Conversion Tracking, Adserving Technologies, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Exchange Platforms, etc. Specialties: Management of Interdisciplinary Teams, SEO/SEM , Web 2.0 Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Social Media Marketing, PPC Platforms, Adserving Technologies, Exchange Platforms, Email Marketing, Analytics, Mobile Marketing.

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