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Tina Griffiths
Tina Griffiths Marketing Project Manager Healthicity
United States

Digital Marketing Manager-- A top-performing digital marketing manager with years of online marketing, social media management, SEO, PPC, content management, blog management and email marketing experience. Consistently working with high-profile clients, building relationships and ensuring that client needs are met through the development and implementation of strategic social media campaigns. Highly skilled in event and personnel management, allowing the client to have an integrated experience of both online events as well as marketing events for brand promotion. As account manager, oversaw all digital content creation including website management, blog management, SEO tactic management and campaign creation as well as print, TV, PR and newspaper ad creations, utilizing a background in PR and acting as the overall ideas manager. AREAS OF EXPERTISE ________________________________________ • Digital Marketing &Social Media Management • Event Management • Marketing • SEO/PPC/Paid Ad Management • Content Strategy • Competitive Analyses • Personnel Management • Fluent in Cambodian • Website Maintenance • Project Management • Client Relations • State 5A Tennis Title Winner Brighton High School 1999 KEY SKILLS ASSESSMENT SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT – Develop and implement strategic social media campaigns for multiple clients simultaneously, managing various platforms and ensuring continuity and appropriate marketing tactics respectively. MARKETING ANALYSES – Frequently perform competitive marketing analyses in order to ensure that clients’ needs are met and social media initiatives are on target with overall campaign strategies.