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John Beckett
John Beckett CEO & Co-founder ChannelSight
United Kingdom

I'm the Co-founder and CEO of ChannelSight. We partner with large brands such as Philips, RB, Duracell and Bacardi to drive an increase in direct and in-channel sales. At the same time we provide valuable insights into the performance of brand advertising and content at driving actual sales across all digital channels. There's a seriously impressive, verifiable ROI from the service and we've developed a suite of complementary channel optimisation, marketing performance reporting and data analysis tools. In 2008 I co-founded Eirtight, now recognised as a leading international provider of secure, reliable, scalable software product development services. Based in Dublin, Eirtight now has operations in the UK, Romania and Bolivia and clients include organisations such as Dell, Fujitsu and Rabobank. I've always been entrepreneurial and retain an interest in other businesses such as which I founded in 2003 and which has been profiled in the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Cosmopolitan among others. Other interests include a biometrics company in which we developed technology that featured worldwide on the Discovery Channel, property ventures in Ireland and Europe, a US-based gifts company, a skin cancer screening clinic, a public transport business in Ireland, a software company in Malaysia and a dental manufacturing lab. I have a passion for mentoring and entrepreneur development and work with technology companies, start ups and entrepreneurs to help them develop scalable revenue models. My blog is on I've worked in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East, including high-level government consultancy in Oman and Saudi Arabia, as part of the USAID programme in Jordan and in the OECD in Paris. I also presented tech reviews on live & pre-recorded television for 2 years on TV3 in Ireland and have appeared as resident technology expert on Newstalk 106FM since 2009. Specialties: strategic development, facilitating/creating business growth, business plan development, early-stage start-up mentoring, commercialisation of research, start-up financing, sales effectiveness, business analysis and reporting.


Path to purchase optimisation, Ecommerce best-practice, Online strategy and planning, user journey improvenemt, brand marketing online.