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Imran Ansari
Imran Ansari Co-founder & Managing Director EnFuse Solutions

Imran is a highly accomplished and ambitious young entrepreneur focused on delivering business services to Fortune 500 clients. With the experience of managing complex strategic projects at an executive level with large teams, he is known for his deep knowledge of optimizing business processes. Imran’s skills in service delivery excellence and providing value-add to clients through automation and capacity give back are unmatched. Having specialist knowledge in big data and trending marketing techniques, Imran is more than capable of transforming client operations into a competitive advantage for growth. He is highly regarded for his knowledge of customer relationship management, change management, and retail strategies. With specialist knowledge of Master Data Management, Imran has a ‘can do’ attitude and a natural flair for defining and developing the strategy in addition to diving into details which are highly valued. Clients report unprecedented results from working with Contact Imran to find out how you can get the results that you want from powerful digital marketing and master data management expertise.


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