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David Grimes
David Grimes Founder and CEO Sorted
United Kingdom

David is the founder and CEO of Sorted Group, formerly MPD Group; the delivery experience company. Sorted are harnessing the power of tech to transform the world of deliveries for businesses and consumers globally. www.sorted.com


Highly ambitious and driven, David has an undeniably infectious energy and an unerring eye for a business opportunity, which sets him apart as an entrepreneur. David founded Sorted in 2010 with the launch of MyParcelDelivery.com and has gone from running a website from his parents’ kitchen table to a global software company in just seven years. Today, Sorted Group is headquartered out of Manchester and its portfolio comprises: Sorted, SortedPRO (formerly Electio), SortedHERO (formerly Basket Hero) and MyParcelDelivery.com.

Previous Experience

David is certainly no stranger to success professionally and is the winner of numerous accolades and awards. To name but a few, these include: Entrepreneur of the Year; Forbes’ Most Exciting UK business; Best Technology Company; and Online Business of the Year.

Education & Qualifications

David is a double Masters graduate from Cambridge University, where he studied law, economics and management studies.