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Anita Theis
Anita Theis Senior Business Advisor Newsio

I am a Senior Business Advisor for Newsio, an employee advocacy & thought leadership platform, helping companies to engage their employees more effectively in order to increase their brand awareness and social reach. In this role, I advise companies on their current and planned communication strategies and on how to best integrate the most important resource each company has: their employees. Combining my sales and marketing skills, as well as my international experience and cross-cultural knowledge, I find it exciting to get in touch with many interesting people around the globe to talk about new ideas and strategies, helping them to get the best out of the digital age.


I am truly passionate about my work and eager to connect with other professionals, as I have a strong interest in helping small businesses and large corporations alike, finding the right strategy to expand their business. I love being part of an innovative team and to use my cross-functional skills combined, allowing me to successfully work in different departments. I believe that constant self-development is crucial in today’s world and I am always eager for new knowledge and to master new skills.

Previous Experience

Before joining Newsio, I worked as a country manager for the Norwegian-based startup Mojob, leading the general operations, marketing and business development activities in Denmark while managing a team of 7 and working with exciting companies in both Denmark, as well as internationally.

Education & Qualifications

MSc in Economics and Business Administration BBA in Media and Entertainment Management