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Alina Olkhovska
Alina Olkhovska Sales and Marketing Strategies The Happy Beavers

A Sales and Marketing Strategist in the content creation company. The Happy Beavers have been in the industry for 5 + years, have developed AI-based SEO tech, done unique research on the ranking of content pieces, and created high-quality content pieces with our agency in 30 + languages. Reach out if need help in -SEO consultancy and putting all technical details into practice - if you are not an SEO expert but work with content daily -Content execution that matches given briefings (blog articles, editing, or translations) - if you are an SEO or content expert who likes efficiency - Landing page creation that tells about you in a simple but professional language. A few facts about me: -Sales emails expert -Content strategy and growth-oriented -Bachelor in International Business Administration -Passionate explorer of people and places