Leonie Mercedes
Leonie Mercedes 28 September 2017

How to select the right web content management system for your organisation

A web content management (WCM) solution is now mission critical for organisations who want to drive successful communications with their customers.

But selecting the best possible system for the needs of your business can prove a complicated affair, with many different kinds of solutions available, each with varying capabilities on offer and numerous interested parties across the organisation having a stake in the decision.

To help digital leaders select the most appropriate solution for their business, Gartner has published its annual Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, a clear overview of the key strengths of the largest players in WCM and how they position in the market. Download Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management here.

The report presents the solutions of 18 specific vendors and how they place in terms of their “ability to execute” (a measure of how well a vendor sells and supports its WCM management products and services globally), and their “completeness of vision” (which focuses on the vendor’s potential and indicates its future chances of success).

It is based on research by Gartner analysts Mick MacComascaigh and Jim Murphy.

Which vendors are leading the charge?

Gartner defines WCM market “leaders” as those who have the highest combined scores for the ability to execute and completeness of vision. “They are doing well and are prepared for the future with a clear vision and a thorough appreciation of the broader context of digital business,” Gartner says, adding that they also have strong channel partners, a presence in multiple regions, consistent financial performance, broad platform support and good customer support. Leaders also dominate in one or more technologies or verticals, Gartner says.

In the Magic Quadrant for 2017, Adobe and Sitecore again emerged as leaders, along with Acquia, Oracle, Episerver, IBM and BloomReach.

However, Gartner says, when it comes to selecting a vendor with which to partner, these “leaders” won’t be for everyone.

So how do I know which one to choose?

Vendors that appear in the other three quadrants, which have different respective scores for ability to execute and completeness of vision, may be more suited to your needs. “Don’t simply select vendors from the leaders’ quadrant,” Gartner says. “Consider how our evaluations match your particular needs. A challenger, a niche player or a visionary could be the best choice for your organisation.”

This report will help marketers assess the covered vendors’ positions in the market, let them examine the capabilities of their solutions and determine which ones match their particular needs.

What else should I be looking out for?

According to Gartner, selecting the best possible WCM for a business has been made all the more challenging by the system’s more strategic impact in the context of digital business, which “raises the stakes and broadens decision factors across the business”.

The report explains that making a successful selection depends on collaboration across departments in the business, as well as rich insights into the organisation’s strategic direction and the objectives that support it.

The report also covers the three main forces that have driven recent developments in the web content management market and that will shape its future, and considers how, in the coming years, WCM will play a greater role in an organisation’s fundamental operations.

Businesses that embrace the WCM’s potential, and understand its role in relation to people and processes, will prosper in the long run.

“The true winners in this market… will be those who can inspire organisations with a clear and compelling vision, guide customers forward with demonstrable and repeatable best practices, and enable them to execute incrementally, iteratively and effectively on that vision.”

To find out more about the state of the web content management and content management system markets, and for more information that will help you select the right vendor for your organisation’s needs, download the report now.

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