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Anna Fox 11 January 2024
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Cognitive Recognition in Social Media

Social media marketing is the driving force in most marketing strategies. You’re probably posting to social media every day, using your links as bait to lure the reader to your site in some form or fashion. But, for some reason, it may not be working… Building recognition is what needs to come as a priority because that’s the only way to improve attention and engagement.

There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes in your social media marketing. Relationships need to be built on social media, and a lot of people really don’t dive that deep into brands’ social media updates because they are not on social media to buy.

Yet there are no definitive answers for the solution of social media marketing.

Psychology of Social Media Marketing

Social media users are incredibly fast. For example, on TikTok you only have three seconds to attract a user’s attention. 

Attention spans are predicted to dwindle more and more as social media users seek instant gratification from their social media feeds.

Building recognition is what needs to come as a priority because that’s the only way to improve attention and engagement.

This is where the concept of cognitive recognition comes into play.

First things first, cognitive recognition is “the type of recognition that allows people to remember things over time.”

It’s as if you are making readers recognize you through something you say in each of your updates, time after time. 

Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

You’re probably conversing with the consumer, but may not be capitalizing on it too well because your wording isn’t correct.

Just posting links to build your social media marketing isn’t going to be good enough if you want to build your business, grow your social following, and potentially drive more sales. 

You’ve got to branch out and find something that is different. Something that no one else is doing. Something that is going to make you stand out from the crowd. Some people would call this finding your voice, or building authority through originality, but as a matter of fact, it’s just simply a good marketing practice to do.

Making Cognitive Recognition Work in Social Media Marketing

Cognition means to make yourself recognizable through some sort of awareness, perception, and reasoning. When you employ cognitive recognition to your fans on social media you are literally showing their brain what is good.

The psychological definition of attention is “a state in which cognitive resources are focused on certain aspects of the environment rather than on others.” 

A lot of emphasis should be placed on reticular formation and focused attention when someone comes to social media. The key function of attention is to discriminate between irrelevant data and filter it out, enabling the desired data to be distributed to the other mental processes.

What you are trying to do is to get them to recognize with cognition that your update is important. How to do this? Well, it first starts out with writing great content.

Some have a hard time finding interesting things to post. There are helpful tools that can help you with writing great starter titles that really grab attention.

This is just one bullet you can use in an array of elements to drive traffic and create recognition. Typically cognition is when you are known to show people an awareness in your updates by creating this type of social interaction when you post.

Attention is what you’re wanting and these people have no idea that you’re important yet. One way to jolt them out of their focused attention is to generate titles that break them out of their same old routine.

Your Social Media Marketing

Social marketing is a big deal. However, most people tend to mess up their social media marketing when it comes to driving traffic to their sites.

Understanding what makes people tick and what is the better update to use in which situation will determine how much traffic you get from your social update.

The content on your site, while very important, it’s only part of a larger scale to get the reader to your site. If you’re not working with a lot of people in the first place, then you’ve got to drive these people to your site so they can actually see your great content.

The Solution

Start writing content that will help people. Sometimes it helps to start back at square one. If you’re not getting the success you desire, it could be that there’s a problem back home. 

The second thing is to interact on social media and start building trust with your followers. There’s a thing called too much “push” on social media and that can pose a problem with some people. You have to learn how to lead your followers and before the push can happen trust has to be made.

Finally, build recognition by being everywhere your audience is. Don’t just develop a single channel. Repurpose your content into images and videos to promote them on Instagram and TikTok. 

Experiment with Shorts, “Ask me anything” and other new features of existing platforms. Set up your “link in bio” (here’s how these work) to connect your channels and let your audience follow you everywhere and use plugins to display your social media content on your site.

Finally, invest in remarketing to catch your site visitors on social media platforms.

It is all about putting your brand in front of your audience again and again, until they remember and trust you.

There’s a popular quote, “Success on social media is simply showing up.” While I agree with that statement, as it describes being consistent every day, I would add one other thing. Post epic content that you can be proud of while you’re on social.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay.

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