Russell Goldsmith
Russell Goldsmith 7 February 2024

Podcast – Interview with Joshua Motta, CEO and Co-Founder, Coalition.

Part of our special series of episodes of the c-suite podcast that was recorded in partnership with the European PR Agency Tyto and their own Without Borders podcast, this interview is with Joshua Motta as CEO and Co-Founder, Coalition.

In this episode of the c-suite podcast, Russell Goldsmith and Holly Justice chat with Joshua Motta, CEO and Co-Founder, Coalition, and explore the company’s remarkable progress, Joshua’s entrepreneurial path, internal and external communication approach, and their remote first thinking.

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, where the digital landscape constantly evolves, Coalition emerges as a beacon of innovation and resilience. The cyber insurance and security juggernaut has soared to unicorn status, boasting a staggering valuation of $5 billion.

The Creation of Coalition

Founded in 2017, Coalition swiftly ascended to unicorn status in March 2021, marking a change in basic assumptions in the insurance landscape. Being the largest providers of cyber security globally they are not any ordinary insurance provider having pioneered a new strategy called ‘active insurance’.

What this means is that not only do they pay the claim if there was a disruption in a business, but they actively protect their customers through partnering with customers to improve their cybersecurity and mitigate the risks before losses arise.

Coalition is on the ground helping their customers recover their business, performing instant response and forensic work.

Joshua Motta's Entrepreneurial Journey

Joshua's journey, intricately woven through Microsoft, Cloudfare, Goldman Sachs, and the CIA, reflects a lot of impressive experience.

He breaks the misconception that purchasing antivirus software is a panacea for cybersecurity. Coalition, offers a triad of choices: accept, mitigate, or transfer risk. The only way to eradicate risk is to transfer it, and that's precisely where the magic of cybersecurity insurance unfolds.

Revealing the Coalition Success Story

From a humble start with no customers or revenue, Coalition has catapulted to an impressive $1 billion run rate and amassed over 100,000 customers. Their clientele spans from small startups to publicly listed multibillion-dollar corporations.

The backbone of this success is the extraordinary Coalition team, whose intangible assets and shared values propel the company forward.

Culture, Communication, and Challenges

The first document written for Coalition was its culture document which defined the values they want the team to hold such as purpose and authenticity. Culture isn't a mere document for Coalition; it's a lived experience.

The first document they penned was a culture manifesto, outlining values such as purpose and authenticity. Joshua's hiring philosophy revolves around the concept that 'stars attract stars,' fostering a tribe of like-minded, talented individuals.

His second philosophy is to be tribal as that is how they build their great team who have shared values and goals.

Communication, Joshua believes, is at the heart of humanity's challenges. Internally, he champions radical transparency, emphasising the importance of information dissemination for informed decision-making.

The biggest hurdle, however, lies in educating organisations about cyber risks, a complex terrain where Coalition plays a pivotal role. Through free cyber risk assessments, they strive to illuminate the potential threats and losses faced by businesses, especially smaller enterprises.

Becoming a unicorn has undoubtedly changed the perception of the business. There is an idea that they’d be less risky and the prestige that comes along with it.

The environment to learn is increased as to achieve unicorn status the company must have succeeded in their business strategy. They are unapologetic that they have been successful as they have worked hard to be in the position they’re now in.

Joshua, although not a natural communicator, has evolved into the face of a public company, overcoming challenges to champion cybersecurity awareness.

Navigating a Remote-First Future

Coalition's unique approach extends beyond its services; it's ingrained in the very fabric of the company. With a remote-first philosophy, they span offices across San Francisco, Denver, Provo, London, and New York.

They have around 600 employees and have employees in every single state in the US, in every single province and territory in Canada, and in six or seven other countries ranging from Japan to Switzerland. It’s a global company working from all parts of the globe.

Cybersecurity's Future

As Coalition steps into 2023, economic uncertainties loom large. Cybersecurity should be a compulsory purchase, yet compromises by smaller businesses pose challenges.

With cyber risks growing exponentially, Coalition is working to make their product more affordable and accessible to all.

A Positive Outlook

While the future of cybersecurity may appear daunting, Coalition maintains a positive outlook. Despite the uncertainty, they focus on aiding customers through challenging economic times, easing operational burdens, and minimising unforeseen costs.

Joshua's sage advice for communication—simplifying technical jargon to appeal to buyers—serves as a guiding principle for Coalition as they navigate uncharted territories.

If Joshua could go back in time and give himself guidance on how to communicate, he would say to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are trying to communicate with. Explaining in the insurance or cybersecurity industry it is tempting to go with technical speech but you need to simplify this to make it more appealing to the buyer.

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, Coalition stands tall, not just as an insurance provider but as a proactive partner in the battle against digital threats. Joshua Motta's journey and Coalition's success story weave a narrative of innovation, resilience, and a commitment to securing the digital future.

Coalition remains at the forefront, ensuring that businesses, big and small, are protected against the ever-growing cyber risks.

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