Kate Kuznetsova
Kate Kuznetsova 29 May 2023

Advancing Your Work on LinkedIn: Fast and Efficient

This month, LinkedIn celebrates its 20th birthday. Launched a few months before Facebook, the social net has developed into the leading business platform, which is being used in 200 countries all over the world.

Becoming the most common tool for hiring and networking, by 2023 LinkedIn counts 59 million companies accounts and over 850 million members. B2B marketers noted that the platform brings an engagement rate to your website twice as high as an organic one. 

The community also has higher-than-average purchasing power, compared to regular online audiences. So, enough with the LinkedIn promotion. Let's discuss the options that will help you optimize not only your ads campaigns, but probably B2B marketing strategy as well.

Most common goals achieved via LinkedIn

  • Hiring and onboarding; 

  • Attracting new clients;

  • Spreading your company ideas, values, activities.

Of course, a thoroughly filled LinkedIn profile can contribute a great deal to your LinkedIn promotion. Don't hesitate to add all the info, such as a headline, bio, previous jobs, education, skills, hashtags, etc.

Interesting Facts

  • Almost 40% of hirers rely on skills filters to find the right candidate;

  • There are 39,000 skills used by platform members;

  • 49 million people search for jobs on LinkedIn every week.

B2B Software as a Strong Automation Tool Having a completed LinkedIn profile means that you can be found! Or find someone else. 

There are different automated tools that help make connections, send thousands of messages and respond at once, give likes and leave comments.

Take Linked Helper, for example. The software allows you to run a campaign by setting up the list of contacts searched by a headliner, company, skills and tags. The software allows you to pull thousands of profiles from LinkedIn search into a list within several minutes and set up an automated campaign to connect, send one or more follow-up messages, export data, and many more. 

By the way, the tag #HumanResourses is the 4th most followed hashtag on LinkedIn. First one goes to #India, but never mind. Following each campaign, the program offers a statistical overview, so you are always aware of the efficiency and progress that have been made.


Another eye-catching tool is Hootsuite. The platform would suit you if you work closely with SMM and need to schedule the posting on different social nets at once. The program will also suggest the most appropriate publication time (despite the fact that some experts say no one should really care about time posting anymore. But there’s always a place to argue).


By the end of your campaign, the platform analyzes the performance of organic and sponsored posts. Known for its expensive plans, there are a number of similar, more affordable apps like SocialPilot.

Select what suits you best based on offered metrics. Whether you are interested in collecting emails first, you could get some automated help thanks to Hunter io or its alternatives, Lemlist at a reasonable price. The found info on professionals contains LinkedIn and Twitter accounts as well. The ready-made leads’ data will serve as an excellent communication starter.

Challenging your Habitual Attitude

With ever growing number of users, time spent daily on the platform, and other metrics, LinkedIn is clearly one of the greatest B2B marketing tools. Using it in a conservative, manual way would take away hours of work. So stop typing companies names in the search bar and spare your time for some creative tasks. Explore more automated options depending on your needs, but remember the most widespread ones:

  • Build lists of target profiles by quickly pulling them from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or Recruiter search;
  • An automated setup of likes/comments, invitations/follows; 
  • Decision-makers outreach without actual typing;
  • A/B testing using various message templates to test different outreach approaches;
  • Automated messages to LinkedIn event attendees, group members;
  • Smart messaging with reply detection;
  • and many more...

With such B2B software solutions, your campaign will always be accompanied by analytics dashboards and instant overview. Become faster and more efficient!

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