Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith 7 April 2023

4 On-Fleek Ecommerce Reviews Platforms to Boost Your Website's Reach

Let us discuss the key benefits of embedding customer reviews on your website and why these reviews generally lure customers. Along with that, we've also suggested some on-fleek ecommerce reviews platforms that can be used to make your website stand out.

Consumer reviews have come a long way from just being brief descriptions of any service or product to some vital and impactful advertising tool. Consumer reviews are genuine feedback that can be located in any comments section or specific review spaces created by website developers.

Consumer review platforms have suddenly become the trendsetters and the newest talking points of the internet. Customers all over the world trust and instill confidence in any recommendations or suggestions given by fellow users. While talking about trustworthy review platforms, we can't neglect the dominance of Google reviews in this spectrum. 

According to the New Research arch agency, Google hosts almost 73% of all online reviews for businesses. Thus, it won't be wrong if we say website developers should embed Google reviews on their websites to experience more and better website rankings and traffic online. 

Let us further discuss the key benefits of embedding customer reviews on your website and why these reviews generally lure customers. Along with that, we've also suggested some on-fleek ecommerce reviews platforms that can be used to make your website stand out:

The Vitality of Consumer Reviews for Your Website:

These are some of the best reasonable arguments that validate the importance of embedding Google reviews on your website.

Also, the readers can use new-age and advanced social media aggregator tools to embed customer reviews seamlessly in a few minutes! Back to the topic, here are some imperative benefits of adding customer reviews to your website.

1. Helps in Image Building

Customer reviews help in accelerating and formulating a certain image of your brand on the internet stream. A positive image helps a considerate and authentic image of your brand online.

2. Increases Credibility

Embedding customer reviews on your website adds and increases the credibility of your website. When new customers land on your website, they can easily trust your website and your product/service.

3. Drives Website Traffic

Adding customer reviews on your website will attract more attention online from website visitors.

This would eventually allow your website to receive more desired traffic. More traffic leads to better and improved SEO rankings. And higher website traffic leads to an influx of potential customers.

Why do Consumers Rely on Consumer Reviews Platforms?

Consumers like to see Google reviews on your website before going ahead with the purchase, as this provides a sense of validation and surety. The feedback from other existing users who have already availed of the service helps potential and new customers to make better and value-for-money purchasing decisions.

Also, the behavior of other users towards the concerned product/service generates a narrative and spring of positive and negative feedback. If the potential user observes negative results or customer reviews, they might change their minds according to the input.

Thus, here's why customer reviews platforms are a massive hit amongst internet audiences.

Some On-Fleek Ecommerce Reviews Platforms

Here's our list of suggestions for some of the best and most prominent ecommerce and consumer reviews platforms. Our suggestions are strictly based on the genuine rankings and credibility factor offered by the platforms.  

Readers can consider any of these platforms to add credibility and authenticity to their websites, also readers should choose the most appropriate one as per their needs, niche, and requirements;

1. Google Reviews

Google reviews or Google business reviews, as discussed above, are regarded as one of the best and leading consumer reviews platforms. Google is now considered not only one big hub for all your searches but also a game changer for the fate of your businesses.

To embed Google reviews on your website, you need to use an appropriate social media aggregator tool, and your task will be done easily within a few minutes.

Moreover, these tools allow you to analyze, customize and beautify your review widget to attract and grasp more attention from potential customers and website visitors.

2. Trustpilot

Next up is Trustpilot, yet another amazing and illuminating review platform. This can be used to effectively garner users' trust. By using this particular review platform users can also upload specific mailing lists and send out follow-up emails requesting their customers to fill up the review forms. This makes using this review portal even more efficient and useful.

Users can also check for the progress of their review and reflect upon some more feasible and better ways to respond or react to it. Trustpilot offers you some amazing analytics and research work regarding the received reviews.

3. Yelp Reviews

Yet another extremely popular review platform is amongst the top picks of marketers and tech enthusiasts. More and more people are driven towards putting up reviews about their local businesses and restaurants. 

Thus, yelp reviews are regarded as one of the most trusted and budding customer review platforms. The platform has also equipped its users with detailed and extensive information about the selected product/ service or service provider.

Just to commence and kickstart the process of receiving reviews, the user just simply needs to activate a Yelp business page. one can also add a review badge to their website asking for reviews or send out a link in newsletters. Yelp reviews are indeed an upcoming review platform that can be counted upon and is completely reliable. 

4. TurnTo

Lastly, we have TurnTo. This is a fantastic customer review platform/software that caters to 4 different needs and spectrums of collecting reviews from customers.

From reviews, ratings, questions, and community creation. Along with that this review tool allows you to integrate and incorporate personal and authentic customer feedback to enhance your popularity online. By using this customer reviews platform you can easily create interesting and unique consumer feedback as a USP for your website.


We have briefly mentioned and suggested some of the best consumers reviews platforms that our readers can consider. While all the latest and prominent ones are mentioned above, we have also put up some light on the vitality and importance of embedding consumer reviews for your website.

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