Mateusz Rumiński
Mateusz Rumiński 23 January 2023

Deep Learning: Smoothing the Transition Between Cookies and the Next Generation of Advertising

Advancements in AI technology are transforming the advertising industry as we know it. Deep Learning, the latest generation of AI, can do in a millisecond what the human brain couldn’t do in a lifetime. Its ability to not only process data at supersonic speed, but also learn from every new piece of information, has opened up endless possibilities for advertising. 

Currently, utilising Deep Learning boosts the effectiveness of ads up to 50% and this percentage is only set to increase moving into 2023 and beyond.

One of the things that makes Deep Learning so powerful and such an asset to advertisers, is its capacity to continuously improve the personalised marketing experience. It can analyse user behaviour to such a precise degree, it is able to accurately predict purchase intentions, and determine which specific product and creative an individual will be most interested in. 

But with the industry in flux as we move towards the cookieless future, can Deep Learning offer the solution marketers need to truly future-proof their advertising? 

A Post-Cookie Targeting Solution 

The marketing industry is under pressure to find privacy-safe solutions that will enable them to market their products or services on the same scale and with the same degree of precision as third-party cookies afford.

The loss of the rich data cookies provide, presents a major challenge for advertisers. Fortunately, one of Deep Learning’s greatest assets is its ability to interpret data on an unprecedented level, and in particular derive better insights from less data and from anonymised data.

Its algorithms are able to effectively determine an individual user’s position within the sales funnel, and serve that consumer the most appropriate content. In this way, Deep Learning is able to increase a brand’s visibility among interested users, as well as drive more sales through personalised, privacy-safe retargeting at scale.  

It’s important brands start to experiment with Deep Learning now, if they wish to ensure the smoothest transition post third-party cookies.

Not all AI is the same and it’s important marketers find the right partners with the correct technology to meet their KPIs.

The current climate may not seem a good time to invest in fresh solutions, yet those who do will see better results than those who put it off, and will be leading the way when the economy improves. 

Unearthing Hidden Insights

To further emphasise Deep Learning's suitability as the solution to replace cookies, one of the elements that sets it apart from other technologies is its ability to predict user interest without compromising privacy.

Not only is it able to analyse user data points to understand which product, type of product or areas of interest a user is interested in based on visits, but it can go further to determine time spent on certain products and also the sequence of visited subpages on a retailer’s site.

From this data, Deep Learning algorithms can precisely interpret user actions and thereby predict their actual purchase intentions. This is hugely important, as it allows marketers to target and retarget consumers with relevant, tailored content and share customised offers to encourage sales without breaching privacy legislation. 

Next Level Optimisation

To truly engage consumers, it doesn't just come down to the cost of an item, but to being served an ad iteration that is relevant and meaningful to an individual. Deep Learning’s ability to analyse and learn from data enables it to understand which offers will be the most attractive to a particular consumer.

And this is based on real-time data, as consumer preferences and behaviours are constantly changing, so just because a certain ad might appeal to someone one day, a different creative might be more relevant the next. Deep Learning understands this and its competencies go far beyond classic retargeting to ensure products or services that appear on an ad are highly personalised to that moment. 

Through utilising Deep Learning solutions, marketers can therefore plan and deliver campaigns more effectively, and be sure their ads are reaching the right consumer with the right creative at the right time, every time. 

Deep Learning’s ability to understand diverse, non-standard data sources, and generate superior insights from less data, will make it fundamental to the cookieless future.

The nature of its algorithms mean it is getting smarter all the time so its ability to understand users and effectively target and optimise campaigns to individuals at scale will only continue to grow.

To ensure they are set up for success once advertising goes cookieless, it’s vital that marketers embrace Deep Learning now, and choose a solution that’s designed with user privacy in mind.

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