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Elizabeth Mackenzie 8 March 2023
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Five Remote Work Trends That Are Disrupting Salaries in Marketing

If you’re considering a career in marketing or if you're already in the industry, this article discusses five trends that are disrupting wages in marketing. We also discuss the different challenges that marketers face as remote work becomes more popular and marketing agencies are looking for more diversified remote marketers.

How are the new remote work trends impacting salaries in marketing? This article aims to provide you with the five trends that are disrupting wages in marketing. If you’re planning to join the marketing field or are already in the industry, this blog post will give you some insight into the challenges that remote work offers.

Now, without further ado, here are the five remote work trends disrupting salaries in marketing. 

Access to Talent Beyond Geographical Boundaries

One of the major reasons behind the disruption in salaries for marketers is the access to talent beyond geographical boundaries.

Now, while this might be a great advantage for marketing agencies, it does not greatly impact marketing salaries. Why? As clients connect with marketers from different countries, they notice how much less expensive the work can be.

Ultimately, this results in people hiring marketers from different parts of the world to get the job done while saving big bucks.

In fact, in 2021, the number of remote job listings for marketing roles increased by 177%. The increased demand for outsourcing marketing services has led to a wider range of options for hiring. Therefore, this has led to a disruption in salaries and hourly wages. 

Everyone’s Doing It

Well, not everyone, but most people with small businesses online tend to take the marketing role into their own hands to save money. Some do it because they get a kick out of it, while others do it simply because they don’t have the resources to hire someone else.

Ultimately, as people learn the basics of marketing, they begin to implement those tactics into their businesses. 

This increase in taking marketing into their own hands has led to salary disruptions in the marketing field.

However, while everyone might seem to be getting into the whole marketing genre as a career, disruptions might be more visible in the beginner level of marketers. This is because many organizations and clients are still willing to pay top dollar for experienced marketers. 

Tons of Resources Available 

This trend is linked with the one above, as people who wish to do the job themselves simply watch tutorials or even join free coding bootcamps where they can gain a bunch of knowledge on how to run a website and market their business. As the increase of resources continues to grow, disruptions in marketing salaries are getting even worse. 

Additionally, today anyone can get a legit marketing degree online. This is because various colleges and universities offer online certifications and online degrees. Now, with the ease of obtaining a valuable educational asset, you’ll find many people in the field of marketing with a degree ready to market a product, service, or business. 

Therefore, with the great increase in resources for one to become a marketer available, the disruption in salaries seems quite obvious. 

In-House Vs. Outsourcing 

Before the pandemic and before remote work was even a thing, having an in-house marketing team was the best option. However, as remote work came into existence, outsourcing is now the best option. Ultimately, this switch from in-house to outsourcing has led to an increase in the disruption of salaries in the marketing field.

This is mainly because in-house would require marketing agencies to hire local marketers on salaries determined by the job market. However, outsourcing allows agencies to hire cheaper talent from anywhere in the world. Outsourcing is very common nowadays, as an estimated 300,000 positions are outsourced every year.


Nowadays, people wish to acquire all services under one roof. Hence, organizations wish to hire marketers not specific to one platform. Instead, they want to hire marketing individuals that can take on projects and manage various social media platforms.

Additionally, organizations want marketers who have sound knowledge regarding various businesses and how marketing must be done for them.

This increase in the demand for diversified remote marketers has led to salary disruptions. 

Conclusion: Is a Career in Marketing a Bad Choice? 

With all the trends mentioned above, you may be thinking of switching to another field. However, while considering everything, it is still possible to have a good career in marketing.

To do so, you must possess sound knowledge regarding the marketing world and have what it takes to deliver excellent marketing services. If you have the skills, people will ultimately see your work as worth the money regardless of other options. 

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