melissa harmon
melissa harmon 7 February 2023

Highly Effective Google Ads Strategies for Aspiring Ecommerce Companies

Nowadays, many firms conduct their operations online, particularly ecommerce companies that primarily sell their products online and don't have a brick-and-mortar store. These companies typically rely on online marketing and shipping to reach their customers.

In this day and age, a lot of companies tend to do their business online. This is especially true for ecommerce companies that sell the majority of their products online. They usually don’t have a physical store and are content to market and ship their products to their clientele. 

If you are planning on starting your own ecommerce company, it is very important that you know how to market your products online. The best tool at your disposal is Google ads. The Google service is far-reaching and has a lot of great features for you to use. 

However, if you want to use Google Ads in your marketing campaign, you will need a set strategy. Here are some highly effective Google advertising strategies for aspiring ecommerce companies. 

1. Choose a Target Market

If you are going to use Google ads for your ecommerce marketing, it is important that you choose your target market. Remember that there is a multitude of potential marketing targets available to you. However, if you try to reach out to all of them, you may stretch yourself and your budget too thin. 

When it comes to choosing your Google Ads audience, you should take your product and your budget into consideration. Make sure that your product is worth selling online. Remember that your potential buyers won’t be able to physically examine your product, so make sure your Google ads are well-made and aimed at the right target market.

Luckily, you could create a Google Ads campaign that will allow you to accurately target a specific demographic. 

You could do this by using the location options function in Google ads. This function will allow you to include and exclude people based on where they are most likely located online, and the places they have shown some interest in. 

2. Decide on your Marketing Goals

Aside from choosing your audience, it is important that you decide on your marketing goals. This will stop you from wasting valuable time and money on unnecessary goals. 

When it comes to choosing your goals, they should contribute to your company’s overall marketing reach. Here are some great marketing goals that you should strive for.

  • Get more sales

  • Enhance product and service recognition

  • Improve your company’s web traffic

  • Attain more leads

3. Set a Budget for Yourself

Even if your ecommerce company has a good amount of money to spend on Google Ads, this does not mean that you should go crazy and spend all your money on your Google Ads campaign. 

As a rule, you should set a budget for your Google ads. The budget should not be so low that you cannot do anything with it. Neither should it be so high that you go overboard with your Google Ads campaigns. 

4. Create an Ad Group

Once you have decided on your budget and marketing objectives, it is now time to set up your ad groups. There are two kinds of ad groups that you could use: standard or dynamic.

You will have to create your own ad copy if you decide to work with the standard group. On the other hand, Google will produce text for you if you decide to use the dynamic group. Choosing your keywords is the next step after creating your Google Ads group. 

5. Choose your Keywords Wisely

When it comes to using Google ads, it is imperative that you choose the best keywords. Remember that your choice of keywords could mean the difference between failure and success.

Google Ads users are expected to target a specific keyword on Google and make bids on it. Here are some key rules for choosing the keywords for your Google Ads campaign:

  • Choose 20 long-tail and 20 short-tail keywords. 

  • Select keywords that are related to your products or services.

  • Base your keywords according to your target market’s preferences and buying behavior.

  • Use negative keywords to cancel out unnecessary searches.

  • Use the Google ads keyword match options. The four options are listed as broad, broad modifier, phrase, and exact match.

When you choose your keywords, you should make sure to choose wisely. Remember that you will be paying for these keywords through bids, so your choice of keywords must be as optimal as possible. 

6. Create Google Ads for your Campaign

Now that you've chosen your keywords, it's time to create the campaign ads. The following components are typically found in advertisements:

  • Two ads descriptions

  • Three headlines

  • The display URL

  • The destination URL

Your headlines should also contain your keyword, or at least a slightly modified version of it. The advertisement should discuss the needs of your potential customer, the benefits of your product, and how it might help meet those needs.  

7. Work with a Google Ads Expert

Image by Mikael Blomvist 

While you may have a rudimentary understanding of Google Ads, it is still a good idea to hire a Google Ads specialist to optimize all your Google Ads campaigns. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a Google Ads specialist. 

  • They keep track of your Google ads. Remember that ads are constantly changing. By hiring a Google ads strategy, you’ll have a specialist that will keep tabs on these changes and advise you on the best next step. 

  • They will help you to manage the budget for the payment and bidding for keywords. 

  • They will optimize your Google ads according to your Google ads goals. 

Utilize Google Ads in your Marketing Strategy

If your ecommerce company is just getting off the ground, learning how to use Google ads is essential. There are other low budget ways as well on marketing your business online. By being aware of how to advertise your goods and services through Google Ads, you can significantly expand the marketing reach of your company. 

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