Kevin George
Kevin George 21 February 2023

8 Trends to Rule the Email Marketing Space in 2023

Email marketing has seen several technological advancements in the past couple of years. In 2022, we saw Dark Mode compatible emails, interactivity, and increased focus on customer data security. This year, we are geared up for some new entrants to attract customers. Let's take a look at all the 8 trends to look forward to.

Emails have been around for such a long time. Interestingly, despite the mushrooming of alternate channels and social media platforms, it has continued to be an effective medium for educating the prospects, promoting your products, and wooing customers.

And you know why?

It’s because email has continued to evolve and adapt according to the changing customer preferences. While 2022 was all about Dark Mode compatibility, interactivity, and increased focus on customer data security, 2023 will be about exploring newer trends in the inboxes. 

So, let’s start. 

Brands Will Be More Open to Adopting BIMI

BIMI is a text record that lets the brands showcase their logo beside the sender’s name in the inbox. Because of this technology, the subscribers and senders can stay protected against cyber threats.

Employing BIMI will also increase the subscriber’s trust and email engagement. It will also maintain an optimum email deliverability rate and enhance the sender reputation. Displaying the logo in the inbox lets the recipients connect with your brand instantly, which will translate to higher open rate, click rate, and conversions. 

It Will be Inevitable to Use Customer Data Platforms

Businesses have to use cross-channel customer data to build better emails. The reason being the launch of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, App Tracking Transparency, and sunsetting of third-party cookies. However, the challenge with using this data is that the data is not stored in a central repository. It exists in different databases that are totally out of sync. 

By adopting customer data platforms, you will be able to bring this data together. It will facilitate data cleaning, better control of data access, and mobilizing the data for usage across the diverse channels. If we talk about emails, it will imply better segmentation, hyper-personalized communications, and smarter automation workflows. 

Speed Up the Email Template Production with Modular Email Templates

Imagine having to send several emails in a week and the effort it would take to create all of them from scratch. Well, modular email templates will help reduce this effort by offering editable blocks that can be reused without the need to code them. They will be the future of email template production because of the following reasons:

  • Modular templates are a time-saving approach. 
  • They help in maintaining consistency across all emails, thereby leading to better branding. 
  • As they expedite the template production process, it is great for the Holiday season when you have a resource crunch and too many emails to create.

Marketers Will Have to Consider Email Localization

Email localization helps in reaching a wider subscriber base. With brands going global, it has become all the more important to localize the email content.

Consider the cultural nuances, language, and tone preferred by people from different locations. It will help draft more engaging content that resonates with people from all geographies. Moreover, email localization is an important aspect of inclusivity and accessibility. 

Specialized Kits Will Make Deliverability Testing Easier

It isn’t enough to know the email to be sent and to whom it needs to be sent. We also have to be sure that it reaches the subscriber’s inbox. With deliverability kits, you can test your general deliverability and figure out whether an email is likely to reach the spam folder. In 2023, marketers will use these tools to build better emails. 

Email Platforms Will Build Seamless Integrations with Product and Customer Data Platforms

Timely personalization is the key to creating winning email campaigns. It can be achieved by triggering off of user actions within websites, mobile applications, and other channels. As email platforms and third-party tools will be easily integrated, it will be a breeze to deploy hyper-personalized emails with relevant content. 

There Will Be a Revival of Long-Form Email Content

If you sift through the literature on email marketing best practices, you will find that everyone endorses brevity in the email copy. Surprisingly, it is seen that readers are more open to reading longer emails if it is packed with useful information.

Brands like theSkimm have been using this practice in their newsletters since quite some time now. Needless to say, it has worked in their favor. 2023 will see many copywriters trying out this trend in their emails. 

Marketers Will Put Emphasis on User-Generated Content in Their Emails

As email marketing continues to be a channel of the people, by the people, and for the people, user-generated content will be extensively used in the future emails. This trend will keep getting more intense in the coming years. 

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is to focus on delivering a memorable user experience so that your emails cut through the noise in the subscriber’s inbox. Rather than using a trend independently, use a combination of these trends to make the most out of your email marketing strategy. 

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