Ghia Marnewick
Ghia Marnewick 22 February 2023

31 Social Media Video Statistics for Supreme Marketing ROI

Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok that were already poised and ready to take on the video content movement very quickly begun to reap the rewards.

At the height of the pandemic, when most of the world’s population were at home, we saw a dramatic shift in the types of content social media users were responding to. Suddenly, video content was booming, and the generic static and text posts were becoming less appealing.

Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok that were already poised and ready to take on the video content movement very quickly began to reap the rewards. Of course, this led to a few significant changes in terms of the types of video content being produced.

To start with, videos are now being shown in portrait, in line with the format used by these two platforms. Additionally, the length of these clips is a lot shorter than before.

So, now that we’ve got your interest and you’re eager to find out more (don’t try and deny it, we know…), it’s time to look at a few interesting social media video statistics for 2022 to help you rethink your marketing for the best possible ROI.

And, most importantly, it will answer the million-dollar question: How much more effective is video marketing?

31 Social Media Statistics you Need to Know in 2023

While it’s still a bit early in the year to access 2022 video marketing statistics, we can shed the light on a few statistics that will be beneficial in developing your marketing strategy for the year ahead.

Not only will they help you ensure that you receive supreme marketing ROI, but it’ll also illustrate why video marketing is so powerful and why you should be using it.

Online Video Consumption Statistics Worth Noting

  1. The number of US population watching video content grew to 244.4 million in 2020
  2. 97.8% of these content viewers are between the ages of 18 and 24
  3. On the flipside of this, within the 65 years and older age group, only 63.8% watch online video content
  4. Video content receives 21.2% more engagement than static images

Video Marketing Statistics that Speak Volumes

  1. 54% of consumers are looking for more video content from the brands and businesses that they support
  2. The average internet user watches approximately 6 hours and 48 minutes of video content each week    
  3. 58% of social media viewers will watch the entire video clip posted, provided that it is under a minute long
  4. 86% of marketers believe that video content has the potential to help businesses grow significantly

Social Media and the Rise of Video Content

  1. When it comes to Facebook content, 81% of businesses prefer to use video content
  2. TikTok had 689 million users worldwide in 2021
  3. YouTube remains the most popular video content platform, with 89% of marketers saying that they plan on utilizing it in the year ahead
  4. Another platform very quickly picking up on the video content trend is LinkedIn, with 63% of marketers stating that they will be using video to promote their businesses on the platform
  5. When it comes to Instagram video statistics in 2022, 58% of marketers will be using Instagram Reels this year
  6. Continuing with Instagram, 26% of marketers see Stories as the platform’s most valuable content
  7. Reaffirming the previous stat is the fact that 73% of businesses have reported that they have attracted a new customer using Instagram Stories


Social Media User Statistics

  1. Facebook Watch attracts around 1.2 billion users each month
  2. 39% of social media users have reported that their interest in a brand has increased after seeing it on Instagram Stories
  3. On Twitter, tweets with a video receive 2.8x more retweets, 1.9x more likes and 2.5x more replies
  4. Over a billion hours of YouTube video content is consumed daily

Interested in Knowing How Much Video Marketing Increases Sales?

  1. 80% of marketers have stated that the ROI on video ads has been impressive
  2. 73% of online customers have stated that video content has assisted them in making informed buying decisions
  3. 96% of consumers use videos to learn more about a brand and their offering
  4. In line with the previous statistic, 93% of marketers have reported that video content on social media has helped them land a new customer
  5. 82% of global internet traffic is believed to be coming from video content by 2022
  6. 240 exabytes of online video content will be consumed per month in 2022

How Video is Influencing Social Media Marketing

  1. 4.55 billion people were active on social media at the end of 2021
  2. 85% of marketers viewed short form videos as the best form of social media content
  3. 64% of online marketers will be increasing their investment in short form video
  4. 85% of social media users have stated that they would like to see more video content produced by their favorite brands
  5. 66% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product, only 18% would rather read text
  6. The most popular types of online video content include social videos, demos, and webinars

Unleash the Power of Video for Supreme Marketing ROI

If these figures indicate anything – and obviously they do – it’s that video is king when it comes to content. Customers are responding to short, informative video clips far more than they do the average text or image-based content.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to look into a video content strategy for your brand. And if you have already been reaping the benefits of video content, you’ll know that it’s important to serve up fresh content on a frequent basis.

The only question left to as, is are you ready to keep up with the booming world of online video content?

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