Mirza Ali Raza
Mirza Ali Raza 16 September 2022

How to Make Animated Marketing Videos That Deliver Results

Whether you turn to the internet or elsewhere, ads and content pieces struggle to get people's attention. Furthermore, if you expect to develop a video marketing strategy, your priority should be to cut through the noise.

Animated explainer videos are excellent video marketing tools to garner the audience's attention. Leveraging animation is only a part of the equation. You will also need to create a masterpiece marketing video to make your video stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, we shall share tips on making animated marketing videos that deliver the best results.

Tips for Creating Brilliant Animated Marketing Videos

Sticking to our tips, you can create excellent animated marketing videos. Here is our advice that you should capitalize on to develop a first-rate animated marketing video for your business:

1. Begin Once You Understand Who Your Target Audience Is

You cannot overlook your audience to create a marketing video for your business. Without understanding your audience, you cannot create video marketing content that appeals to your customers. It would help if you determined what sets your target audience apart from others.

You can find it out while considering the lifestyle, age, gender, interests, plus relevant aspects of your target audience. It is essential to distinguish the stage of the buyer's journey. Your customers are in awareness, consideration, or decision stages. It will come into play to select the type of animated marketing video and create a script.

2. Customize a Marketing Video Targeted to the Audience

You will want your target audience to engage with your animated marketing video. The fact is people show interest in stories they can identify themselves in. For the same reason, you should deploy information you have gathered about your audience to develop your marketing video.

The best thing about animated explainer videos is that they allow you to fully design elements in a video. Plus, you can deploy aspects with a lot of flexibility if you choose an explainer video for marketing.

It allows you to create characters in your video based on your ideal customers and settings and objects that reflect their lifestyles. It would help if you also mentioned your customers' pain points or problems in the video alongside a language that reflects theirs. 

3. Create a Relevant Message

Developing an animated marketing video will seem a challenge at first if you have never done it before. Moreover, creating a relevant message in the video will require you to use powerful words to engage customers.

If you don't know the pillars of how to make animated marketing videos that deliver results, you will know them now. The following are the pillars to crafting a relevant message in an animated marketing video and catching people's attention:

Engaging Script

It is best to keep the video length short when creating a marketing video. Besides, people are more likely to engage with a 2-minute video than a 5-minute marketing video. You will need roughly a 300 words script to create a 2-minute explainer video for marketing.

In addition, your video needs a compelling intro to instantly grab the customer's attention. You may start your video with a question to build curiosity in viewers to watch your video till the end.

Beautiful and Dynamic Visuals

Beautiful things attract people, so your video aesthetics should play a role in engaging the audience with your video. Incorporating beautiful and dynamic visuals in the video can make a brand story more understandable and compelling.

You can get your message across with the right visuals, plus active and smooth animation will make your story clearer. It is important to consider as many companies concentrate on illustrations only but overlook movement and transition quality. Please remember that a video with striking visual elements can fully deliver your message without diverting viewers' minds.

A Striking Sound Design

Another important pillar to creating a compelling animated marketing video is to use the right sound design. You should use a sound design in an animated marketing video that resonates with your script tone and visuals' aesthetics. It will help you cohesively deliver your message. Please, don't make the same mistake that many companies make while treating sound design as an afterthought.   

4. Focus on Production Quality

You may compromise on your video quality to develop a marketing video and save some money. Eventually, it can cost you more as low-quality marketing videos result in low ROI. On the other hand, a first-rate animated marketing video has fewer chances of getting older with time. Plus, it will ensure you a high ROI, which is what a business expects from marketing materials.

5. Brand Your Video Accordingly

Your logo, color palettes, typeface, etc. are elements that set your brand apart from others. These aspects also contribute to enhancing brand recognition when customers receive a consistent message about a company.

By the same token, you should include such elements in your video to successfully represent your brand. Moreover, animated explainer videos allow brands to do that; thus, you should brand your marketing video accordingly.


To cut through the noise, you will need to create a first-rate animated marketing video. Furthermore, you can create a brilliant marketing video if you stick to certain tips concerning animated video production. Here is a recap of our tips concerning how to make animated marketing videos that deliver the best results.

1. Begin Once You Understand Who Your Target Audience Is

2. Customize a Marketing Video Targeted to the Audience

3. Create a Relevant Message

4. Focus on Production Quality

5. Brand Your Video Accordingly

Lastly, Glowza Digital is an esteemed explainer video company that renders video animation services to businesses across the world.

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