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How Does a Summarizing Tool Help Writers Summarize Their Content?

Text Summarizers are useful tools that can help writers in a variety of ways. They are utilized in a variety of writing niches such as content writing and academic writing. Summarizers can shorten any amount of text considerably while keeping the main points of the text intact.

The best summarizers use artificial intelligence in some capacity to recognize what is important and what can be cut from the content. In this article, you will learn how they benefit writers.

Text summaries are a vital part of content today. So, how exactly does a summarizer help with it?

Text summarizers are AI-based tools that allow the writer to write summaries of their text with a few clicks. Instead of writing each word manually after reading the original content, these summarizing tools help save a lot of time.

However, understanding the way these tools require us to understand two things:

This tells us the importance of summaries in two different niches. But, before we analyze that any further, let's talk about what a summarizing tool does, why it's important, and how it helps writers summarize texts. So, let's begin.

What does a Text Summarizer do?

A text summarizer is an AI-based software that extracts the most important information from a text and presents it in a concise form. The text summarizer uses an automated process that can be used to summarize texts with the help of NLP and machine learning.

It extracts the most crucial information from the text and presents it in a concise form. A text summarizer will usually read the original text and then produce a summary in its primary language, i.e., English. Theoretically, the principal working of the tool looks like this:

  • The writer uploads the text;
  • Summarizer reads it through NLP;
  • Machine learning kicks in and analyzes patterns/keywords;
  • Summarizer churns out a shortened version of the primary text.

It will typically do this by looking for keywords and phrases that are important to understanding the content of the original text. After that, it organizes those words into sentences that thoroughly describe the main body of the text.  

Thus, summarizing an entire piece of text within a few words. The summarizer can be used for various purposes, such as to summarize:

  • Articles or blogs
  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Books

In other words, text summarizers have a vast implication in the world of content writing. They can be used to summarize a long text document, or they can be used to summarize a long form of content. The latter is often done by writers who wish to give the reader a glimpse of their content.

The most popular type of summarizer is the keyword-based one. These summarizing tools identify the frequency with which certain words appear in any test. This allows these tools to identify what's most important in the document.

Other summarizing tools often rely on percentages, which allow you to pick the corresponding length of the content. So, let's say you wish to write 20% of your original text, then the summary of a 1000-word text would be more or less than 200-words.

Why is a Text Summarizer Important?

First off, let's analyze the importance of a summary itself. It'll help us understand why summaries are important and how tools help us get there:

  • Text summaries are a way to save time while reading and understanding the content.
  • They are also an effective way to showcase the main points of a text.
  • Text summaries are an effective way to save time.
  • It allows us to be more efficient in reading and understanding text.

They help readers understand the text's main points without having to read it all, thus saving time. Text summaries can be used in a variety of ways, such as for research purposes or as part of a presentation.

Therefore, summarizing text with a summarizer is an efficient way of shortening a large block of text without doing it manually. They can be used to save time and for people who want to get the idea of a text without actually reading it.

That's one of the reasons that text summarizers are increasingly becoming popular as people are looking for ways to save time. One particular case is for content like social media posts, where users scroll through the timeline rapidly.

On top of that, these tools can be used to save time and allow the writer to focus on other writing elements. Or, it can be useful for people who want to write summaries of long texts without going through the entire process.

How does a Summarizing Tool help Summarize Content?

The working of a summarizing tool is easy to understand. However, how it helps a writer summarize content is an entirely different thing. In this section, we'll analyze the few different ways a summarizer assists writers in creating thorough text summaries. So, let's begin:

1. Shortening the Text

The one thing that a summarizer does efficiently is that it shortens the primary text. It's an effective technique that many writers have used for years to summarize their text. For instance, it can be employed in sentences too, like this:

"If you wish to write good content, then it's imperative to follow the precedented rules."

So, a writer would shorten this by simply saying:

"Precedented rules are important to write good content."

Following the same techniques, a summarizing tool shortens the content with the help of AI.

With original text in a section of around 350 words the shortened summary can be less than 70 words. If you compare it, that's around 20% of the original text. This shows us just how a summarizer helps shorten the content within a few seconds.

On top of that, it doesn't miss important bits of information. This portrays how the summarizer focuses on the idea rather than the length. Once it analyzes that, it shortens it enough to describe the same idea but uses fewer words.

2. It Won't Miss any Important Points

Let's talk about academic implications for a second. The job of a text summarizer is to give the reader a thorough glimpse of the original text. Now, academic experts, teachers, whatever you want to call them, will read the whole thing before grading a student.

But, how a student summarizes the text and how well they capture key points plays an important role. That's why one of the key things to understand here is a text summarizer doesn't miss. If you're writing a summary manually, you might:

  • Miss an important point;
  • Forget about an argument you made in the text;
  • Not be able to describe something thoroughly.

An AI-based text summarizer, on the other hand, will focus thoroughly on the text and the points made throughout it. Therefore, it will methodically portray the key points you've made in your original content, helping you summarize it thoroughly.

3. It Saves a Ton of Time

Saving time is one of the key goals of any individual. Whether you're an academic writer or an SEO writer, anything that helps you be time-efficient is nothing less than a blessing. Well, the thing about summarizers is that it helps you do just that—save a ton of time.

But how exactly does that happen? Let's analyze what we know about summarizing manually:

  • The writer reads the content;
  • Analyzes it thoroughly and decide what to portray;
  • Writes the actual summary;
  • Proofreads and edits.

This looks like a simple four-point process. However, manually, it would take around 1-2 hours to write a summary for a 1000–1500 word text. But, once you use a summarizer, paste your text, and ask it to summarize it for you, you can get a summary in 5 seconds.

With the help of AI and its advanced algorithms, the tool allows us to write this summary in a few seconds. Proving how time-efficient it can be for writers of all kinds.

4. Improves Writing Productivity

Productivity is one of the key pillars of a successful writer. The more productive they are, the easier it is for them to move on to the next project. However, summarizing is something that can hinder all that, simply because of two main reasons:

  • Having to read what you wrote;
  • Having to write what you wrote again.

These two factors can tire out any writer, and summaries are more than capable of doing that. Now, you enter a tool into this equation, and it becomes a lot easier. Not only does it save time, but it also improves productivity.

When a summarizer helps you write a shortened version of your text, you can simply edit, fix, and rewrite it in a way you like. In other words, this also proves how a summarizing tool can help a writer summarize their text and improve productivity.

5. It Encapsulates the Idea

The idea of any content is something that needs to stand out and be prominent throughout. Therefore, a summary shouldn't be any different. Unlike the main content, summaries don't have headings, subheadings, or other things to portray the primary idea.

However, using a summary can encapsulate that idea thoroughly.

If you click on the "Show Bullets" option in this summarizer, you can see how it shows us the key points captured throughout the text. This helps us understand how a summarizer can thoroughly encapsulate an idea and help a writer formulate information-rich summaries.

Which Text Summarizers Should You Use?

In order to write good summaries, we recommend the tools that we used in our demonstration. Here are the two of them:

1. Summarizer by Editpad

EditPad's Text Summarizer is a quick, dependable, and outstanding option for writers in all niches and industries.

This tool thoroughly captures your content's core and portrays it in the shape of a fulfilling summary.

2. Text Summarizer by is another viable alternative for academic and SEO writers.

This tool also systematically compresses the ideas in your text, turning them into captivating summaries.


These are the ways a summarizer can make life easier for a writer. Not only does it help write outstanding summaries, but it's also a time-efficient way of increasing productivity. On top of that, it can help write great summaries without having to go through the effort. So, use the suggested tools to achieve all these benefits.

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