Vaibhav Kakkar
Vaibhav Kakkar 3 October 2022

Eye-Catching Design Trends You Should Be Using in Your Marketing Materials

The past year has undoubtedly thrown us many curveballs. But it has also provided us with new ways of interacting with our clients, potential clients, and employees.

Companies will possibly use both offline and online methods to create connections with people this year. Thus, competition will increase, and there will be a new demand for competitive and innovative branding and promotion practices. Companies and business owners alike will miss out on those opportunities for development if they are no longer paying close attention.

A few significant design trends for marketing and advertising have been highlighted here. It is advised that you follow them to keep your advertising and marketing materials relevant with the state of the market.

Experiment with New, One-of-a-Kind Formats

Various agencies are now turning to stylised, bold and design-heavy marketing campaigns to create thorough and enticing studies for their target audience. You might want to stay ahead of the game with constant innovation. By keeping your marketing designs unique compared to the rest, your company will stand out. 

Try out new formats to help you catch your clients' attention for a prolonged time. Try to send them something they haven't seen from you previously.

It's also very highly probable that your targeted market appears to be distinct from the one you might have had the previous year. If your target market is continuously changing, your marketing strategy will also have to change. Use your new buyer insights to enhance your practice and compare them to your original lists to maximize your response rate.

You may be taking the appropriate steps to make sure that your marketing strategy is implemented for accomplishments in 2022 by utilizing your virtual advancements, boosting sensory experiences, integrating online and offline customer personas, and practicing the basics.

Typography and Colors

New firms often make the mistake of using different fonts with every set of marketing campaigns they run. That is a big no from a marketing perspective. Tweak the content of your marketing material, and keep the presentation the same. It will create a certain level of consistency and make your company easily recognizable. 

As for colors, if you provide a professional service, using dark colors like violet, or red is a big no. Go subtle with your color palette in such a situation. However, if you are a gifting brand, you have the liberty of using colors like red and pink as per the occasion.

Highlight Key Phrases and Include a Strong Call to Action

As you work to get your marketing material noticed, don't forget to emphasize the advantage of following up as quickly as possible. Words like "complimentary," "sale," "prize," or "special offer" should be highlighted with suitable formatting.

A call to action (CTA) should be included to entice the user to act swiftly. "Visit Our Official website," "Book an Appointment," or "Mail Your Donation Today" are some examples of highly-clicked CTAs. When keywords are combined with a call-to-action, it generates a sense of immediacy that provokes a reaction.

Make Sentimental Occurrences

Since cold and direct marketing can provide a far more subjective perception, digital media should never actually replace it. Direct marketing can elicit neurological reactions that entice certain emotions and have an instant impact on buying decisions.

Use of Specific Layout Elements

Consider how blogger outreach can encourage more prolonged interactions with your direct marketing pieces. For example, you can consider integrating exciting layout elements such as seamless touch, metal inks, and various styles on your marketing material. You can also include interactive features for direct offline marketing. Some examples would be peel-and-stick displays and magnets.

When you add new components, it's always a good idea to run a little split testing against your traditional marketing material. It will help you discover which elements ring true the most with your targeted audience.

Personalization Taken to a New Level

Personalization has always been an essential element of marketing tactics, for example, the email marketing performance metrics. However, it is far more crucial now than before because consumers interact and respond at a much lower cost than usual, a way to stay-at-home orders.

Personalization entails more than just your user's first and last name. In inbound marketing, you must pursue particular segments of your intended market and people in your marketing funnel.

Use as much data as you can when making plans for your advertising efforts. Empathy is just as important as any other aspect of communicating your message. Knowing how your clients and customers feel and connecting with them allows your message to resonate better and encourage them to take the steps you want.

Using 3D Modeling Practices

3D modeling enables manufacturers to develop jaw-dropping advertising visuals speedily and without limiting their thoughts. It allows us to create the most incredible ideas before putting them to the test in real life situations.

It's a cutting-edge tool in computer animation that allows you to create an exact and immersive digital copy of any object. A 3D designer employs 3D modeling software to manipulate points in practical space to create a complex mesh. It is a selection of connected coordinates that forms an overall product, producing pictures with extraordinary detail and authenticity.

Many industries, including films, computer games, drawings, architectural style designs, and engineering developments such as buildings and bridges, have benefited from such technological advances. It has also made its way into infomercial promotional methods where 3D modeling is used to seeing accurate models instead of drawings.

It can be difficult for an advertiser or marketing executive to come up with some good ideas for ad campaigns that will catch the attention of potential buyers. All you need for 3D modeling is imagination!

You can use 3D modeling software to experiment with shape and size and create something more professional much more easily. It imports and exports a wide range of products and involves multiple styles to create a beautiful look for the commodity.

Another benefit is that producing high-quality promotional materials is now easier than ever. Simply import your video evidence and deliver it out on all of their templates, or simply upload any picture on the software. You no longer need to hire skilled designers or visual designers for this.

Implementing 3D Printing Methods

3D printing is a method of turning a computer model into a material thing by combining numerous layers to create the final product. 3D printing makes it easy to create prototypes for marketing reasons, such as exhibitions, photo shoots, sales displays, and industry events, while you wait for the requisite number of items to finish production. 

This allows the consumer to visualize and comment on the product as it is being manufactured, making it easier to improve quality and return the prototype for evaluation and approval. It engages customers by allowing them to create innovative styles that conventional manufacturing does not permit.

Customers will be able to create customized samples using 3D printing, allowing the organizations to understand customer needs and preferences and make more informed decisions.

Many businesses give away free shampoo specimens to customers. 3D modeling and printing can be used in the same way that you would send 3D printed products to the consumers to show them the numerous items they could print prior to actually purchasing them.

Targeting in Depth

Direct marketing continues to be a first-rate technique for us to fine-tune marketing data. With the ability to segment audiences, we can market more effectively, thanks to A/B testing, reaction codes, lists, and demographic trends.

These data assets are extremely relevant and provide great foresight into your target audience. They provide us with more data than ever before. Real-time marketing analytics are becoming more popular. Marketers can check the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time. They can adjust their focus and content to optimize link reliability and performance.

With proper targeting, your message is tailored for the specific person who receives your advertising and marketing components. The better you can get with determining demographic characteristics, the more successful your marketing and advertising efforts will be.

Invest in Both Digital and Direct Marketing Initiatives

This huge shift toward expedited virtual consumer culture is expected to persist long after the pandemic has passed. The aim of the direct marketing methods is to focus on improving your customer’s online buying experience. 

To compel significant interaction with your audience, both digital and direct advertising must be working in conjunction. This is especially important for your brand's overall fitness in the upcoming years. 

Both of these bits of equipment could be used to direct unsolicited mail users to your virtual marketing campaigns. 

AR elements included in your marketing and advertising materials can create three-dimensional environments in your products. Thus, allowing your target audience to communicate with your logo or commodity in real-time.

Those digital reports can be included in your overall marketing and advertising strategies. These initiatives make your logo recognizable and develop faith among your audience. Thus helping you to increase your transformation rate and marketing results.


Any marketing campaign can benefit from the use of an eye-catching layout and design. The trends discussed above are eye-catching and will undoubtedly assist you in your marketing efforts. They will generate the results you want if you put them into action correctly. It will also improve your rapport with your prospective clientele.

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