Téa Liarokapi
Téa Liarokapi 27 September 2022

3 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand

Email marketing is one of the main techniques ecommerce stores use in the digital world. It is meant to create opportunities for new leads, keep repeaters hooked, and boost a brand's ROI.

The numbers above explain why email marketing is one of the core tactics in an ecommerce marketing plan. But, besides the numbers, there's another reason for email marketing's success: It's traceable and not subject to complicated social media algorithms. This is why you need to have a solid ecommerce email marketing strategy in place.

But how can you achieve that in an era when users are a little too weary of giving up their information, and all of us remember those email blasts from the past?

Let's see!

The Advantages

Of course, the main advantage of email marketing for ecommerce is its fantastic ROI. But it's not the only reason why ecommerce stores need email marketing and marketing automation features to navigate the complex digital marketing field.

Email marketing allows brands to approach and interact with a large number of customers in an effective manner that is fully in their control. Email marketing is not a game of "show and tell" - if done correctly, of course.

Using segmentation and personalization tactics, automation triggers, and responsive email templates, your brand can create an authentic and very successful open dialogue with the recipients of your email marketing campaign.

The above tools can give your ecommerce email marketing campaign an edge, seeing as they could be triggered and their templates could be optimized to correspond with a specific user action. This will make them look and feel natural and will satisfy the intent of the user's interaction with your ecommerce brand.

In general, email marketing campaigns can boost customer acquisition and create a brand image that is clever enough to care for each customer individually. The data marketers get from email marketing campaigns are more precise and can help marketers personalize their brand to each user.

In that sense, email marketing is a tool that can bring more than sales. It can convert one-timers to repeaters and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Not to mention that, with the right moves, repeaters can become brand ambassadors.

Email automation for ecommerce stores can also allow marketers to set a campaign and forget it until the time comes to gather data and check out all the information that will help their strategy move forward. 

Expert Segmentation

No segmentation will give your emails the look and feel of an email blast, which is what you want to avoid. As mentioned above, email blasts might be a thing of the past, but users are pretty weary of those, still.

Segmenting your campaigns will give you a great understanding of what your audience loves - or even loves to hate - and will allow you to use that data to work with them.

Segmenting your audience will lead to being able to personalize emails in a way that users will love. It will feel like somebody is trying to actually understand them and talk to them through all stages of the funnel.

Lead Nurturing and Loyalty

Segmenting your audience and creating email marketing campaigns just for them can help keep your brand top of mind and relevant. Couple that with a fantastic subject line and a personalized greeting, and you can create a loyal fanbase in no time.

Of course, email marketing is more about nurturing in this day and age. This is why users expect a welcome email upon signup and a thank you email after their first purchase.

Nurturing your leads, giving them incentives, and sending them an email newsletter full of expert content - not just when you're in a salesy mood - will boost your ecommerce business like no other. All these elements show a brand that cares for customers. This means that your ecommerce store will remain top of mind and relevant, and users will turn to your content before reaching out to your competitors.

Being kind shows that you're not out for a quick buck. This makes users believe in you and your product. It also adds more value to your brand, making users understand that, when it comes to your store, what they see is what they get.

The Takeaway

Email marketing for ecommerce is a tactic that includes multiple touchpoints and could be a huge waste of money, if not done correctly.

Before you create an email marketing plan for your business, ensure you understand why you need this tactic, and then select the perfect tool for the job.

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