New Report Reveals the Social Media Trends That Matter Most for Brands, Marketers, and PR Professionals in 2023

The 8th edition of the eagerly anticipated report looks at the 10 biggest trends of 2023.

The latest report reveals that AI-powered predictive analytics is set to disrupt marketing in 2023. Marketing and social media professionals will start to integrate AI-powered predictive analytics into their processes at scale to accurately forecast the next big industry trends.

With ever-changing consumer habits in the aftermath of the pandemic, persona marketing will become redundant. 2023 will see brands target their broader communities, focusing on community eco-systems to generate organic relationships and connections. 

The data demonstrates genuine community demand for this, with growing calls from influencers and public figures to join private communities on alternative platforms such as Discord or Telegram to create closer connections with their audience.

The year ahead will also see the rise of decentralised networks, as concerns grow around the lack of control users have about what’s published, how data is stored and censorship issues on social networks. Expect to see social media giants giving more power back into the hands of their users.

The concept of the metaverse will be a trend that everyone will want to be a part of in 2023. Immersive reality, Web3 including digital assets via NFTs and blockchain will see consumers in a 3D worlds’, represented by avatars dressed in bespoke gear, spending virtual currency.

This year’s report includes data-led insights and expert analysis from global experts and industry veterans on why businesses and their brands need to get closer to their consumers, and prioritise their needs with a seamless ability to predict their ever-changing demands. 

David Low, global CMO at Talkwalker says:

“We all know the digital ecosphere has disrupted how marketers engage with consumers. In this new environment, marketers must focus on forging symbiotic relationships through a better understanding of online conversations and taking quicker action. It’s this new understanding that will help brands create meaningful experiences and become closer to their consumers.”

Dillon Nugent, CMO at Khoros says:

"As marketers, we know the value of data and the importance of listening to our customers. But, we need to be more action-oriented and use those insights more effectively. Consumers' comfort level for doing things online - shopping, researching, socialising - is not slowing down as the world opens up.”

“They also care more about their communities—global, local, IRL, and online. Marketers need to tap into these trends and behaviours more deeply to personalise customers’ experiences and create more impactful strategies that empower your brand to stay connected to customers and grow your presence in the market.”

Download the Social Media Trends 2023 Report to read all of the trends brands can expect from social and the actions they should be taking in 2023.

Top 10 Social Media Trends 2023:

  1. The cookie finally gets debunked - the beginning of the end for third-party cookies, consumers are increasingly frustrated by the lack of privacy

  2. Social media meets a new social standard - fake news maybe getting cleverer, but consumers are wising up too

  3. Decentralised networks - the future of social media run by consumers, not big business

  4. Multi-sensory social media - brands will invest in bringing sensory elements to digital experience from gamification to full immersive digital malls

  5. Social commerce - consumer will be willing to explore new shopping channels

  6. The Metaverse - immersive reality, Web3 and blockchain will see consumers in a 3D worlds

  7. Predictive analytics - AI-powered predictive analytics integrated at scale to accurately forecast the next big industry trend

  8. The environment, no longer an afterthought - consumers and brands will come together for impactful environmental change

  9. Customer experience gets even more social - social media will be the go to place for brands to connect with customers

  10. Personas are over, think communities - brands will move further away from personas and target their broader brand communities

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