Kristi Ray
Kristi Ray 15 November 2022

Top 10 Tools for Remote Workforce Management Solutions

A remote workforce can be costly to manage. You must keep track of your employees and ensure they are doing their assigned tasks. Workforce Management Solutions (WMS) come in handy to manage staff remotely.

These are programs that enable you to monitor your employees more efficiently and have a track record of their time at work, breaks, lunch, and where exactly they are at any given time during their workday. 

1) Workstatus

Workstatus is a complete platform with a wide range of features and is easy to use.

The software allows employers to monitor their employees' computer usage to prevent them from using the company computer to browse social media or spending too much time on unproductive tasks. In addition, the software is available with customizable project templates to make it more manageable for workers to enter the required time-tracking data accurately.

Workstatus is just what your company needs to become more productive, even in the work from home model. If you want a simplistic and easy way to manage your company, then Workstatus is the best choice. This workforce management software will make managing projects, monitoring employee performance, and generating analytics reports easier than ever.

2) Trello

Trello is a perfect tool for remote workforce management solutions because it keeps track of projects & tasks and allows you to share and assign them to specific members. The tool helps workgroups break up into smaller groups if they face bottlenecks in particular project areas. 

Trello offers a comprehensive set of features that allow remote teams to easily stay on task, manage multiple aspects of the project, and be available when required. It also has free & paid versions with different levels of feature sets that can cater to various business needs.


3) Slack

Slack is a chat application that allows you to connect with your team wherever they are. You can build private or public channels where you and your coworkers can collaborate on projects, share notes, and inform each other about the latest updates of the office. 

If you're an extra-coordinated team, Slack also offers integrations with most project management apps, so everything is neatly organized. This mobile workforce management solution integrates nicely with whatever workflow or tracking process you might already have set up, which makes it easy to use immediately.


4) Hangouts

Google Hangouts, another video chat & conferencing tool developed by Google, can also host team meetings.

This platform allows up to 30 people to participate simultaneously in video conference sessions. On top of that, there's an instant messaging feature within each meeting and a screen share option as well. You can then record the entire session and save it as a video or upload it onto YouTube to share with your team members. 

Hangouts is one of the top workforce management solutions, as it provides remote workers with a way to have live conversations while avoiding any potential miscommunication. The unique features make this platform one of the most popular choices when selecting workforce management solutions.

5) Dropbox

Managing the workforce requires easy-to-use tools that allow employers to track, manage and monitor employees' performance. Dropbox, a workforce management solution, is fast, accurate, and helps with compliance. The time-saving benefits of using Dropbox for workforce management make it a top tool in this category. 

Automating HR processes through workflows can be done by linking Dropbox to other software, such as Bitrix24 (a CRM). Mobile workforce management solutions like Trello also integrate seamlessly with Dropbox to increase efficiency and accuracy.



6) Zoho

HR management software development has come a long way since the days of paper-based processes and fax machines. Today, you can take your HR management software development on the go with mobile workforce management solutions that enable you to track time and attendance, review employee records, and handle payroll from your phone. 

Zoho's suite of HR management software development tools provides a comprehensive set of features that simplify managing a remote workforce and make it more efficient. Mobile workforce management solutions are easy to use, so employers can focus on what matters most – their employees.

7) HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing & sales platform. HubSpot offers a variety of remote workforce management solutions, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which automates tracking customer interactions.

The platform also has integrations with multiple services like Google Drive or MailChimp, making it easy to collaborate from afar. It’s designed with businesses in mind, so its features are more powerful than similar platforms on the market.

On top of this, they have 24/7 support and award-winning software constantly being updated.

8) Redbooth

Workforce management solutions offer a wide variety of applications to fit a variety of needs. Redbooth, as one such solution, delivers valuable online tools and mobile app access to allow professionals to collaborate and communicate in real-time while collaborating with outside teams, like service providers. 

Redbooth offers a free trial version with limited features, but most subscriptions are charged monthly or annually with standard pricing tiers. On the low end, the Pro plan starts at $12 per month and $9 annually, with an upper limit of the Business plan at $15 per month and $12 annually. There is an Enterprise plan also for companies to get customized services, and the charges will be accordingly. 

Redbooth comes with a suite of collaboration tools, including an instant messenger, document sharing system, meeting scheduling tool, and task manager. Moreover, it also includes project tracking functions to monitor project progress and generate reports.

9) Asana

Work seamlessly with your team in multiple locations; Asana is a task management tool that lets you assign tasks to people and track their progress. You're likely familiar with Asana, a workforce management solution that has received high praise from Google Ventures & venture capital firms. 

The cloud-based project management tool helps you assign tasks to team members, view team progress on individual projects, and collaborate within your group of employees.


Employees can create task lists and calendars to organize work outside Asana. Connect with Slack, the popular real-time messaging service that makes it easy to  get information across the company. Its intuitive interface is designed for remote collaboration and integrates with Dropbox & Box.

9) Hootsuite

Leveraging social media can be a full-time job. That's why Hootsuite offers a workforce management solution with the ability to manage diverse social media from one platform. 

With Hootsuite, you can also schedule posts in advance and share content across multiple networks at once. Share as many updates as you want without adding them individually to each network. 

Hootsuite has an easy-to-use interface and is fully integrated with several major collaboration apps like Dropbox and Asana so that your team members can work together on projects using their preferred platforms.


10) Keka

Keka is a SaaS company that provides remote workforce management solutions. Some features it offers are live customer support, tracking time spent on tasks, and delegating tasks. In addition, their all-inclusive price includes HR services such as payroll. 

Keka does not require contracts or long-term commitments, which can make evaluating this solution's effectiveness easier. The downside is that you will need to purchase hardware if you do not already have one. The advantage is that this platform offers unlimited bandwidth, which can be helpful in situations where bandwidth usage may be an issue, like when working with CAD files or large data sets.


Workforce management tools are a necessity in any industry, and it's important to choose the right solution that fits your business needs. You must utilize HR management software development, work scheduling, and time tracking without any obstacles. Workforce management solutions are designed to streamline your work process so you can focus on growing your business.

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