Joseph Dysin
Joseph Dysin 23 May 2022

Basic SEO Steps to Amplify Your Blog Posts’ Reading

Writing a blog post can seem easy but optimizing it isn’t as easy as you’d imagine. Use these important SEO tips for writing the perfect blog post.

Digital media is growing rapidly and so are subsidiary fields such as digital marketing and search engine optimization.

A major part of SEO is blog posts that help improve your website’s SEO ranking organically. Through optimization, these blog posts rank in Google searches that generate organic web traffic to your website. Over the years, Google’s SEO algorithm has always evolved which makes it hard to pinpoint the exact pattern of ranking.

Besides the algorithm itself, you also need to be aware of things that make a good blog. A good and readable blog post has all SEO techniques that make it effective and easy to understand. So, if you’re looking to learn SEO tips for writing good blog posts, they are as follows.

Answer the Audience’s Question 

An essential thing to remember is that your main purpose to write a blog is to address any misunderstandings your audience may have and answer their questions. You need to make sure that you’re doing your research accordingly and delivering information that’s going to help the audience.

That’s where adjusting for search intent comes in. It’s always best to imagine yourself in their situation and read your blog. If you feel that the question is answered your blog will be relevant, if not then the audience won’t be interested in reading it.

Do Keyword Research

One of the most important parts of writing a readable blog is the proper usage of keywords which is done through effective keyword research. There are various ways you can find out effective keywords for blog posts.

The easiest way to do this is to use keyword research tools such as the Google Keyword Planner which shows a detailed list of trending keywords. Besides research tools, you can also see what your competitors are outranking you with or just select words you think will work well with your business or website.

Properly use Headings and Titles

Titles are an essential part of your blog posts, as they’re one of the first things your audience is going to see. If you use keywords that your audience will most likely use there’s a chance that your blog will rank highly in searches. It’s always recommended to use a keyword in your main title while also making it engaging.

After the title, the headings and sub-headings are also important as they will help you segment your blog post into different sections. Again, the emphasis should be on adding a keyword in your headings as this will improve optimization.

Furthermore, you should also understand that most blog posts these days are SEO-optimized so if you’re not being careful with your optimization those blogs will outrank yours.

Add Engaging Meta Description

Most amateur blog post writers overlook the importance of an engaging meta description. While headings, titles, and keywords are essential to improve your SEO ranking, meta descriptions are just as important and Google’s algorithm scans all of them.

The meta description is the short text just under the heading when you search for something on Google. To make it more effective, you should try and make it short, for example between 25 to 30 words. Furthermore, use a couple of keywords while also writing in an engaging tone so your blog post stands out from all the other ones.

Use Reliable External Links

Using external links in your blog post is a great way to cement the reliability of your content. It’s always good for any text to mention properly cited statistics, research, and claims.

Those external links provide your audience with additional information regarding the topic while also improving their trust in your website. That will make them want to come back to your blog post in the future for any other queries or confusion.

Use Reliable Internal Links

Just like external links, internal links to your website are also important. When you’re writing a blog post, try to mention information from blog posts already on your website and use links for them.

However, it’s essential to use them organically and naturally. The benefit of mentioning internal links on your blog posts is that it makes the reader explore more of your content. Furthermore, it makes them spend more time on your website which could also improve your conversion rate.

Use Compressed Images

Images are always important for blog posts, and you should always focus on optimizing them. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when working with images for your blog posts, for example, you should always use royalty-free images or post the ones you’ve taken.

Furthermore, try to always compress those images before publishing your blog. That’s because larger image files will take longer to load which would harm your optimization.

Want to learn more about blog post optimization and SEO optimization? Hire SEO services providers like Search Berg that are providing a wide range of SEO services to their clients.

The company helps improve the SEO rankings of its clients through blog post optimization. They also have extensive experience in providing link building services that allow organic traffic to their client’s website leading to better rankings and performances.

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